Poker Reward/Bonus Tickets (One Ticket, One Game, No Change)

I have a suggestion for these types of tickets that will give players more choices:

Allow the recipient to buy into ANY NON-CASH poker game that has a lower buy-in value or lower fee with the understanding that any amount on the ticket that goes unused in said buy-in will be forfeit. This would allow players with say a 10+1 ticket to buy in to a 10+.50 game or a 20+2 to buy into a 15+1.50 game.

Better yet just make them $11, $22, $33 dollar tickets that allow you to buy in to any poker non-cash game up to that amount - with any overage NOT SPENT TO BE FORFEITED.

One Ticket, One Game, No Change.



i agree. always wondered why i could not get in the 10 + .50 with my 10+1 ticket


We’ll certainly forward this feedback and explore what we can do regarding certain tickets and using them in an equal or lesser value


Thanks Matt. I know it’s all down to what the programmers want to do. But it sure would be nice. Cheers.

~from the mind of Elbrofin~

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I third or 4th this motion. Would like to play a ton of tourneys that you don’t have tickets for.

Would like to use 10+1 for regular SNG. A little too late for some tickets that will expire,


Smack that nail there, FutureInsights. Would be grand for sure. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Things that make you go, “huh?” LOL.