Poker table glitch

I went to sit down at a table on 06/09/2020 at 11:53 pm shows in my ledger as 06/10/2020 at 12:53 am but what happened was the site glitched and only gave me half my buying I requested but took the full amount of my balance support been giving me the run around not understanding my issue so now I’m out of $100 due to this bullshit and support can’t seem to know what I’m even saying to get my funds back anyone else have this issue??

haha wtf

so you sat down at a table for $200.00
you leave the table with in the same minute you bought in

and you only get $100.00 back

if i understood that correctly that is pretty funny

i am sure you will get your cash back

i never check i wonder how many times this happened to me

@IReadUrSoul I’ll check on this now and send you a PM when I have an update.

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For instance when you go to buyin a table for full buying sometimes it’ll glitch and only give you half of what you requested and the other half gets glitched in the system like say you wanna buying $200 some reason a glitch makes the site give you only $100 but takes the full amount iut of your balance

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I’ve been having an issue lately where a player in position before me lets their timer run all the way out, and then my table glitches up making me unable to act. Every time this happens my table will refresh on the next hand with me apparently being bet out since I was “sitting out”. It’s very frustrating and makes me not want to play on this site anymore. I’ve had hands with over 100$ in the pot when this happens and I’m not sure if they other players are doing this on purpose to exploit the glitch or not.

ALSO, you know I had to go back and check the hand replayer: of course I turned the nuts on the last one… :frowning:

Please fix this ignition I love your site but I’ve lost far too much money because of a stupid glitch.

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Welcome to the forum @bhowat, we’re happy to have you here.

Also. thank you for your feedback, we’ll send you a PM shortly.

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@bhowat i had this happen to me 3 different times. the only times it happened to me was when i had a strong hand. one hand was KK other hand was k2 full house on river then glitch (vs the same player) and AA vs a different table but i won the AA hand who had QQ.

@Bianca i would like to know the info you are telling him also because it also happened to me.

seems that this Ddos or exploit or whatever it is still has not been fixed since i reported it.

Hi @player1,

We asked for hand specifics to review it and offer some troubleshooting steps that we’ve posted in the forum in the past. if you’d like you can also send us a PM with the hand specifics for us to further investigate as well.

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okay ty but i have already jumped through those hoops was hoping for something more.

We understand your concern @player1. Once there is an issue reported on our site we’ll need to check the game history and if need to further investigate we’ll do so.

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