Poker tournament frozen

I hope for a timely fix or credit involved. It’s literally the ONLY thing we get


its up now

well… maybe… spoke too soon

Well at least it’s not just me.

it gave the count down then just paused… no dealer card dealt yet.

Same problem for me. Was starting to worry. Any word on this @moderators ?

Think it’s just time to go back to live poker. This ain’t the ignition/bovada of 3 years ago. would have never happened.

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I thought it was just me because my AT&T internet and wireless went out last night for a long time, Still having issues with my wireless data on my mobile for at&t. Hard to believe as much as they charge for services there would be on going issues. Apparently it’s an issue all over Texas. At any rate has nothing to do with Ignition…or does it? Paranoia…

Same problems

Now people are winning chips somehow but I am not seated. Haha. What a joke

i got dealt 99,then table froze,after one 20$ call

Now they all know your cards when it comes back on

An hour in, and we’re at 10/20 blinds and massive lag.

Chip leader has 4500 and I’m stil froze at 1500 on my first hand. Haha. This is why I never deposit with these people. I just play freeroll. I play on a different site these days because ignition sucks

Hi guys, my apologies for the delay in accessing tonight’s Freeroll. We’ll provide additional updates when received here.

Still nothing

im over in commiefornia and the same thing happened to me. happen to know what time yours went out? see if it lines up with mine, i wanna see how wide spread that outtage was and map it out (just for… uhh… fun … yeah fun.) thanks.

@moderators . Any update. This tournament is going to take over 200 hours to complete at this rate

The update will be provided HERE. This thread will be closed now.