Poker Unplayable on iPad today

Since today there is a black bar covering all the bet/fold buttons when trying to play poker.

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I’m having this issue too.

Welcome to the forum to the two of you.

@beezle, has the issue continued for you today?

@Mills_123 are you also on an Ipad? If yes, are you playing through a Google Chrome browser and have you cleared the cache and cookies since the error has occurred?

Hey Matt,

It looks like the picture above on both safari and chrome. I’ve tried clearing the cache and cookies on both browsers.

Hi @Mills_123

We’ll definitely look into this. Would you mind letting us know your device details such as the model and the version of iOS you’re using so we can investigate further? In addition, have you attempted to play on any other device?

iPad mini 2

It literally just started last night.

My iPhone is showing a little too. However, I can still play on it.

iPhone XS
iOS 13.1.3

That’s how my iPhone looks. However the iPad looks like the first photo where it’s black.

At some point in the last week, it got fixed. Much better now, thanks!

Thanks for letting us know @beezle

Give us a shout if you come across any other issues.