Pop to front fix on live poker tables

pop to front is completely unusable, at least for how i want to use it.

if i have my tables over lapping and i am about to raise a hand, then a new table is ready for action.

that new table will jump on top of the old table where i was just about to raise.
i have been playing here since bodog.
i remember it took bodog a long time to fix it but they did and it worked fine, till bovada.

pop to front never worked right after bovada, it has been years…

the way it should work and they way it used to work and the way ever other poker site has it working is:

the old table is on the top and new tables that require action have to wait till the old table action is competed before the new table requiring actions “pops up infront” of the old one.

a fix for this would be amazing.


Thank you for providing this feedback and it’s something we’ll definitely look into. If anyone else has any other feedback or tips for this please let us know below.

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this is still not fixed.

We will pass on the feedback to our Poker team to consider. In the meantime, could you provide us with a screenshot of what your layout looks like and what type of games you were playing, for a better understanding?

6max cash games (not zone)

just any overlap on the tables shows the glitch

just open 4 tables and press cascade

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I don’t think the mods are allowed to play on the software.

I second this request.


after update today still not fixed.

Yes, please fix this issue. Just call someone in the tech dept for WSOP NJ/NV. Their table popups work perfect. Thanks

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Sit and Go and Tournaments:
Currently on my Windows 10 machine the pop-to-front is not working. I do not know if other folks are having this problem. The box DISABLE POP TO FRONT is unchecked. This has caused some issues on my part.
As the table does not pop to the front there is no audible or visual indication that a game has started if I have another window open nor can I turn my speakers up to alert me the game has begun.

@Elbrofin Is this the same issue above?

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No. This is just when one table opens. Specifically, say I register for an obscure game that takes a long time to fill up. Once it does, it opens in the background if any other page or app is in the forefront. It stays there until I click on that table window - then I have all audible sounds, but not before.


I second elbrofin. The tournament will not come to the forefront. I’ve registered for tournaments and they weren’t filled to start or were going to start later and you tend to get busy and forget and the next thing you know the tournament is on level 2…with you on sit out…


Apologies for any response here, I have escalated this and provided this information to the Poker Team now. We’ll provide any updates they have as they come and thank you for reporting this.

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Thanks a bunch, Foster. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I discovered the fix to my problem: Turn on MULTI-TABLE sound setting. That way regardless if your in another browser window or have the browser open using the client seperately you will always here the sound of the table when play begins in any poker game.


That’s not really the solution. The table should pop up and take center stage, that’s what’s it designed to do. Every other poker site doesn’t have this issue but the Bovada family of sites.

What if I am in a meeting and can’t have poker gongs going off? That’s the point of the pop up feature :slight_smile:

@moderators this still needs a real resolve.

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Thank you @freaksforum.

Once we have any updates, we will post here.

It was a solution for me since I don’t multi-table. But I do understand how frustrating it can be for those that do. Hope the solution you require comes soon, @freaksforum.


The sit and go are very fast and your game can be over before you sit down 99 percent of the time it is the players fault. Maybe you should start out at 50 cent games so it don’t hurt you that is the whole point of setting go you sit and go. People that play for $7.20.60 they want to go fast sit and go they want their money to go fast so if you’re worried about losing a little bit of money you should set it to 50 cent sit and go it’s not easy to make a game this fast and have enough people to play this fast . Money to go around that fast , I’m very happy with the game . Since I have learned how to play the game and how To be ready as soon as I sighn in to one of them games