Pre action buttons in a bad spot

Move the pre action buttons a lil … if your not careful, you’ll go to fold , but the button changes to call

Very bad spot the pre action buttons


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Just to confirm are referring to the following?:

In this example, the ‘Fold’ pre-select is in the same area as the slider when it is your turn to act.

While true that the “fold” pre-select button is where the slider is when it’s your turn to act, the problem is that the “fold” pre-select button travels upward as it becomes your turn, causing your mouse to follow it, which then brings your mouse to where the call button is. This is just an all-around poor place to have the “fold” pre-select button, it should be where the fold button will appear when it is your turn to act, it is currently entirely too close to a button that is a the complete opposite of the desired action,


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I’ve changed the tag here to ‘investigating’, and we’ll escalate the feedback.

I don’t see an issue here but I do like the option to FOLD before the small blind if possible your either force to check or bet!!

I agree with @Steven, when playing online poker you often have “auto pilot” decisions like folding 72o preflop. In these situations I don’t even think about the hand I just click fold and move to the next hand. The problem comes up where I plan to click the fold button before it is my turn but the action moves to me right as I put my mouse over the fold button, then the interface changes and the closest button to where the fold button was becomes the call button… when you are on “auto pilot” like I mentioned, your brain automatically has the mouse move to the closest button thinking that its the fold button because this is how every other online poker site has their table interface setup… I’ve definitely accidentally called in a spot where I was planning on folding more than once because of this issue. Also I’ve definitely heard many other players complain about the fold button positioning, I know its not just me that has lost money because of this poor placement.

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New to the forum. Wanted to confirm the observations of fellow players. I too, have accidentally called a bet I intended to fold as the buttons transition from fold to Call $X.XX. I originally agreed with the request to have the button positions changed to where they don’t overlap. Played cash tonight and it appears they don’t overlap. Not an issue anymore.

We have gone ahead and moved this post to the On Hold section. The original issue of the fold and call transition animation being clickable has been fixed.

We are aware that there have been some suggestions for improvements to the location and usage of these buttons, however, as of right now we would require more feedback or demand to change this feature. If in the future we see that this is becoming a larger issue, we can certainly look further into changing the format of these buttons.

I agree with the above posters that the preflop action buttons should be moved to the left so the Fold and Call buttons preflop are in the same position as the Fold and Call buttons post flop. It has made me me misclick numerous times and is a very frustrating experience.

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Agree that the pre action buttons need to be placed in the same position that the fold and call buttons appear

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When you want to click fold before it is your turn to act, it is easy to misclick and accidentally call because the pre-fold check box is in the spot of the call button when it appears on your turn. I’ve probably misclicked bout 2-3 times since that first update. I’ve mastered not misclicking now though, but maybe you can look into that.

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The pre-fold is placed in the same location as the call button, which slides up when it is your turn to act. i have gone to click fold now several times, only to have the call button slide up and get activated. This has lost me money, and it could potentially cause a player to go all in. I feel like it could be resolved by moving the fold now button 100px to the left.

It has happened to me a couple of times. I chatted with a moderator and brought it up a while ago, but it hasn’t changed…