Problem with hand history, and amount won + rake

Found something odd in Poker Tracker, and confirmed in Client hand histories.

I won one hand. The next hand did not reflect that win, or I would not have called. That ended as an all in, which I won, but at less value.

Next hand reflects total, but previous hand should have shown more win. With a shorter stack, I payed more rake for less profit?

Screen shots coming (don’t play like this at home, boys and girls, some deviation from standard play shown).

First Hand

Second hand, lower amount than previous hand.

Last hand, higher amount:

It looks like it added the 1.77 difference from Hand 1 win (26.15) - 24.38, to third hand.

However, if 26.15 goes into pot: total pot is 54, and win is 52. I am missing money.

I’m taking a look at this now and we will be escalating it immediately. I’ll have word as soon as I get a response back likely within 24-48 hours.


@FutureInsights We’ve now heard word back and it does seem that this is actually a normal instance for Zone poker games though I completely understand as it did seem incorrect from my end originally as well.

The response has been provided as such:

Zone Poker is not like a regular Cash game where one hand happens after the other. In a Zone Poker game you can move to a new table and play a new hand, while your previous hand is still running. You seem to have won 4114416344 with the game auto-checking without necessarily being aware of what was happening. The money was awarded after the hand was over but prior to you starting the second hand. However, obviously in your hand history this still shows as 2 hands happening after another.

For proof take a look at the time stamps instead of the hands as you’ll notice when 4114416344 ends, 6503 had already begun. Hence, once both hands were actually over you received both funds on 6969.

Just let me know if this makes sense.

But, I was in the hand, not auto checking, I remember the win. So not auto checking.

I remember all hands sequentially, and the sit out.

Plus, I don’t have this on any other hands, 70k hands.

Pretty annoying, and/or convenient, if you ask me. But, I will live.