Problem with Poker Stats Not Updating in Tournament Windows

My poker software is not updating stats in the table sidebar –
current position and average stack remain at zero for the entire tournaments.

This is happening on all platforms - Mac/PC - mobile, web browser, poker software client.


This happens on mine as well. It just say 0 position of 0 players.

This has been reported to the poker team.

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Yeah been like that for about a week. Me too

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me too for a week, except display was normal on Jackpot sit and go but 0 for 0 on regular scheduled and sit and go’s.

When playing in tournaments on the website the ranking section doesnt work - it always says 0 of 0. Has been this way for at least a week now…


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Hi @DJO205,

Thank you for the info provided. Are you having this issue while playing on a phone or on desktop? Have you tried to clear the cache and cookies from your device?

If the issue persists, please provide us with the Tournament IDs so that we can escalate this further.

Desktop. It’s been messed up for about a week now. Doesn’t show position nor average stack. Not too big for a deal so never mentioned it.

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Hi @LennoxWay,

Thanks. We will check about this.

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Yes agreed with @LennoxWay it’s all tournaments and on Desktop version for me.

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happening to me right now tournament 38637894. desktop version been happening like 8 days now, cleared cache, reinstalled software no help. jackpot tourney though did display properly.

This is also happening at Bovada.

Please fix your software, for God’s sake.

@danfont this is already being looked into by our tech guys.

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mine works now.

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This should now be resolved.