Problems logging in

I’ve been having a lot of problems logging into my account lately.
I type in my email and password and get a warning message that says “oops your password is incorrect…blah…blah…”

Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries to work. And it’s not user error as my computer and phone both auto fill my password.

Anyone else having this problem?

Apologies for the late reply here, are you still having this issue? We haven’t had any common reports of login issues today so it does seem this is isolated.

Note, that error message does sometimes just come from having disconnections issues, so we would first advise all basic troubleshooting such as clearing cache to prior to your issues, using Google Chrome, and ensuring you’re on a strong Wifi or wired connection.

Let us know if you’re still experiencing the issues and we’ll dive deeper into the issue for you.

Yes. It happens every time I log in now.

I don’t know what clearing a catch is.

My phone auto applies my email and password , and I get this screen.
Then I delete everything, and have my phone auto fill my info again. Sometimes it logs me in on the 2nd or third try. And takes 10-15 seconds before the green welcome screen pops up.

This does sound like connection errors to me as we do see on our end that you’ve successfully logged in. Can you please try on another device and let us know if the issue persists to see if it is an issue with your mobile connection?

Yes give me a little bit and I’ll try on my lap top.

I’ve always been able to log in, it just takes a couple try’s. And keeps telling me my password or email is incorrect even though it’s not.

I’ll update you soon.

Thanks for your help!

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Ok so I’ve tried on my laptop and haven’t had an issue with it. And haven’t had an issue on my phone again either. Very strange.
If it happens again I’ll let you know and take a screen shot.

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Backspace the last character in your password and re-type it. It’s a weird bug that only happens when you use a saved password on a mobile device. Especially if it runs safari.