Problems with todays $22 NLO KO

I played the 1:05pm Pacific $20+2 ($5 KO bounty) NLO MTT. I was Player0006. I simultaneously knocked out two players in a three way pot and the “you have finished in 24th place” screen came up. I check the notifications screen and it says, “congratulations you are awarded $10 in bounties.” I got $5 per knockout. And it also says I player #6 finished 24th. I knocked out both players, but I am out. The lobby “take my seat” didn’t work. I had to reboot the software for everything to go back to normal with me still in tournament. As I said I was Player0006 and I simultaneously knocked out Player0010 and Player0053. I started the hand with the most chips. I knocked both players out on the hand. The pot gets pushed to me. And a spli second after the pot gets pushed to me, the you are out screen comes up and tells me that I am out, “you are out in 24th place.” I’m thinking what the heck just happened. I check the notification screen and it has award me the knocks for winning the hand AND also told me i lost the hand and am out. I have never in 20+ years of playing seen something so crazy. That is a serious bug.

I go to the lobby to try and take my seat, but it won’t work. I had to completely close/reboot the poker client for it to let me back to my seat and it had the correct stack.

There is now a graphic of a sniper rifle scope and the word “KO” when you knock someone out. Therefore they have done some type of update. But an update that pops up the you are out screen and has you out of the tournament when you are still in and requires you to reboot the software is insane.

I’m sorry to hear you were experiencing an issue while playing the $22 NLO KO tournament @player814, I will send you a PM for more detail to have this looked into further.