Quick Question about Free Spin Rewards for this Week

I claimed mine without looking for the name of the game and now everywhere I look I can’t find the slot lol

What was the name of the freespin slot for this week? Thank you!

Funky Monkey!

Okay thank you, but I can’t seem to find it on the site when I search for it. Is it me or is there a glitch?

Perhaps they didn’t activate. This happens from time to time but can usually be fixed by changing devices and trying to go to the game on a different device than the one used to claim them. if this doesn’t work or you don’t have access to another device, try clearing cache and logging in and out. One of these usually resets and activates the spins if claimed.

I also got free spins on Funky Monkey. Have never seen, nor heard of that game on here.

Some games are mobile or PC only, perhaps try a different device type and see if they pop up for you.

I’ve never seen Funky Monkey, either… Nor did I receive my free spins this week.

The game that you give the free spins away for this week, just happens not show up for a bunch of players. Convenient.

I would try logging in from my phone but it won’t even let me access the login screen.

We see that you did now play the spins.