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I hope we can keep this thread going and we see players regularly updating it with jackpot wins!!

Also, Ignition should make this forum more prominent on the website for players to see so it gets utilized to full potential…agree???


The last thing they want is the bulk of their casino players joining this forum and finding out that they completely ignore the majority of their player base and cater to a special few. Their rewards tiers don’t mean squat. I’m nearly through to diamond level and barely remember getting any perks when they were offered. Though they are still passing them out to some players.

It would be nice to see some transparency from Ignition regarding their payouts on progressives. I doubt I’ll hit one in my lifetime, but if I do I will defiantly be posting it here with a screenshot!


I agree with you that Ignition is NOT transparent with their players…no progressive jackpot winners page, no RTP for each individual game, withdrawals are again to slow for the bitcoin since they allow players to reduce their payout amounts so easily it is more conducive for Ignition to wait it out.

Also, Ignition reps keep telling me that they are in the process of getting regulated again by a gaming commission but it has been over 2-years now. Also, the RTG is not certified by a third party anymore either to ensure that the games are fair and paying out correctly.

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Lol I’ve played since this site opened as well as years on there sister site bovada. I have never even met a single person who has claimed yo win a progressive jackpot. In top of that if you yavent noticed all the jackpots recet to 1,000 within an hour of teacher on the night they start going off. Pretty sure it’s all fake


I won a progressive jackpot one time on the slot game Dragon for $3000 but that was almost a year ago. I wonder who wins they HUGE jackpots that reset all the time like on A Night With Cleo…where is gets to $60k-$120k and is won a few times a week. Never heard of a sole winning any of the larger jackpots that are supposedly won a few times a week as I see them reset all the time.

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Lol no one is hitting them

You think the casinos are pocketing the big jackpots? I would think that it would be the best thing for a casino to allow players to win. It barely costs them anything except the seed amount, which is split between a few casinos…the rest of the jackpot comes of the top of each spin, players money.

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I don’t play traditional slots, but strictly video poker which is considered slots for some stupid reason. Anyways, in the last 8 months I’m confident in saying Ive played more video poker hands on this site then 99% of people. The max best royal flush is considered a jackpot and I always play max bet With the exception of when my account hits under a couple dollars and I’m forced to min bet. I’ve probably hit 8 royal flushes in this time and the ONLY time it hit on max bet was when I was playing a cash back bonus @.01 stakes. Every other time I’ve hit a royal on this site it’s been when I’m forced to min bet or bet other then max bet. statistically speaking, with the amount of hands I’ve played @ max bet compared to min, the probability of this is basically impossible with a RNG. Basic math tells you if you need 1 card to hit a royal after the initial first 5 cards… its 1 in 47 chance. I guarantee that I’ve been in the situation over 500 times. And that’s one of hundreds of draw situations possible.


I’ve won 2 progressive jackpots but they were on Bovada. Last June/July I hit one on Bulletproof Babes for $2188 and then last month I hit one on Dragons for $2476.

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Awesome!! Big congratulations on your wins. And thank you for posting…Bovada players seem to hit jackpots more.

And you got a screenshot of it on Dragons…when I hit the one progressive jackpot a long time ago, no coins popped up it just went into my balance. I did not even notice for like two more spins. Cause the spin In your image was not a winning spin…

Thanks. I play on Bovada more only because I’m a Legend Level 3 so I get more reward points and cashback when I qualify for it. But here is also the screenshot of my jackpot hit on Bulletproofbabes.

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Wow! You are one lucky person…that must have been a great feeling.

Now I would love to hear of a player who won A Night With Cleo jackpot as they are always in the 10’s of thousands a few times a week. Maybe with your luck it will be you!

Night with Cleo I’ve only seen one screenshot of someone winning and he was spending $20 a spin. Also never seen a 777 Deluxe screenshot or Gold Rush Gus and those are usually the biggest ones.

Wow, that’s great! I’ve been playing since 2017 and not a single jackpot.