Random Reward Point Little Gifts

apparently they discontinued those random drops, haven’t seen one in several months, just deposits and more deposits. With cherry on top of not being part of CashBack program…


Hi @The_Batman,

Bonuses/Points are issued at the discretion of our Promotions Team. From time to time, the Promotions Team drop some reward points your way but there’s no way to ‘predict’ when they’ll be issued.

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The “discretion of promotions team” line may be my favorite go to for anyone to not have a real answer


Don’t feel bad I’ve never once gotten one from this site.

Time to time as in years?

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I do see you have gotten one in the past. If you wish, I can send you a PM with details of your account which may explain not having received another since

Can you please do the same for me, Matt?

I’m not a high roller, but I am Titanium level. I can’t recall ever getting points drops, except for my birthday bonus.

If there is a problem with my game play, I’d like to know. I get regular point drops over at Bovada.

@danfont will pm you.

Can you please issue my points for me? I should have a little pile from my losses

Hi @pokealotofsmot unfortunately we do not issue points, these are issued at random by the marketing team.

Could you put a buzz in their ear. I’ve not had them in a while. I think they forgot about me


Hey @Davy can we just dispense with the points altogether. it would be so much easier if you guys would just give me money instead.

I’m giving up playing here until my “little free gift” of reward points/pointsback is issued. I know they are “random” but I will not deposit until they are issued. If I do deposit and win …the reward points are lowered. I’m down a considerable amount since my last point drop which was weeks ago.

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Ya I haven’t gotten a points drop for a while also

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The drop can still occur but never guaranteed on any specific day/week

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@matt your verbage is deliberately vague and reeks of lawyerly double speak. You’re correct (technically) that points “can” be dispersed at any point. Earth “could” be sterilized by an undetected gamma ray burst emanating from a yet undetected neutron star tomorrow too. Could happen :man_shrugging:t2:. See how when cs it a forum mod use that sort of language it just strikes as being disingenuous? Here’s the facts and I speak for myself only. Long time ago I got an email describing upcoming and random gift deposits in the form of player points. It was described to be an attempt by ignition to improve player returns, and I think they were really speaking to the fact that you guys don’t have a rake back program, without actually saying so. And a few days after I got that email, I received somewhere in the neighborhood at 10,000 points in my account it was great. And I got something like $5,000 to 20,000 points once a week for months. And then 2 months ago they just stop. No email, no explanation, just an abrupt termination. Not to be fair that’s fully within your rights, and I don’t think that anybody expected that you guys would continue depositing points to every player in the pool in perpetuity. So it’s weird to me when you guys get asked a simple question you just don’t give a simple answer, and instead give this lawyerly double talk. It’s just weird. If it’s done, say so. If it’s not, explain the gap in dispersement. Send simple enough to me, but you know, I’m dumb…


The point drops haven’t stopped, but as Matt says, they are at random, we have no information when they will happen or to which players, this is down to the marketing team and we do not receive any information regarding it. We also do not know the criteria regarding how they are calculated or who would be eligible at a specific time. However I think it would be fair to say that it would in some way be related to payments and/or gameplay.

From what I noticed, if you are steady making daily deposits you will see one almost weekly, but say you quit making daily deposits and are waiting for a drop , it’s not coming In tell you start making deposits again. Just from my own experience it seems that way to me.

Im experiencing the same issue. I haven’t received an email saying I’ve gotten a little gift in a year, maybe even longer. Not sure what level is before Diamond but that’s where I am. I deposit a lot on here. I guess because I had a big withdrawal February of this year, all of my losses after that still don’t make me worthy enough for a “a little gift” rewards drop. :disappointed:

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As I said before we don’t know the exact criteria, but I would assume that if your withdrawals are higher than your deposits this would make you ineligible, in a similar way to how other bonuses work.

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