Rasing min buyin at regular tables to 50bb

Recently at 500NL and 1000NL there has been a huge influx of ratholing, shortstacking pros who only play a 30bb stack. They sit out on their blind once they are above 40bb. They do not play at all postflop (generally) and just shove allin over an open and a call. It is extremely unfun to play against these players as it forces everyone else at the table to play way tighter. It harms recreational players because they see fewer flops and can’t play as many speculative hands.

These shortstackers also harm ignition because pots taken down preflop are unraked so the site makes less money as a result of these players. If someone is good at this style of play it’s also extremely profitable and they won’t be a net depositor/casino player.

Please raise the minimum buyin at 500NL and higher to 50bb which is the same as it is for zone.

Hey @kagsss,

I would like to welcome you to our Forum and thank you for taking the time to post! :slight_smile:

I’ve tagged this topic as ‘investigating’ as we will escalate that feedback and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for looking into the matter! Makes sense to have uniform buyin structures across the site.

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Would like that applied to all stakes. One of the problems with ACR are suspected bots that weren’t bots, they were short stacking ratholers. This system has been in place since about 2010, no need to update skills at all. Recreationals play at all stakes, especially if just busted out of mtt. :star_struck:

Raising the min buy in to 50bb would eliminate these issues, to a point. We still have the shove 50bb players (I see them, and study their hands), but a lot less.

There is also an extreme demand for 10nl Zone. Very popular on the other two sites (WPN network and Chico network). Also, a 100nl Zone would get that ball rolling as well. Those are popular options on the other sites, WPN when its working. :thinking:

Please consider these changes. Even a 2nl for the beginner, but that is not at the top of my wish list.


Hey @FutureInsights those are very good suggestions, I have gone ahead and moved this post to a new topic so we can follow the discussion there. :slight_smile:

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you @kagsss

We’ve heard back about this, and at the moment we’re not looking into changing the minimum buy-in amount for 500NL and higher tables. As it stands, although there may be a small percentage of players that act in this way, there’s still a high demand from recreational players to keep the buy-in amounts as they are.

Yes, please raise Zone limits to min 80bb to max 120bb