Register Button in Main Lobby

Hi can you guys please add a Register button to the main lobby. The tournament lobbies tend to lag when there is high traffic, especially on Sundays. Even if the lobby loads, I am unable to click the register button for 15-30 seconds sometimes depending on how laggy its being. It’s not on my end. Happens every Sunday.

A register button would be great, or an option to right click and select register from a drop down menu

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Hi @pillows, nice to hear from you.

This is great feedback, and we appreciate the screenshot. We’ll take this into consideration and pass it along to our Poker Support Team.

We’re moving this over to ‘Investigating’ while we await updates.

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Just an update, as we don’t have any plans to implement this for now since we haven’t had much demand for such a button.

We will still consider adding this option at a later time, but for now this suggestion will be moved to ‘On Hold’.