Require sitting in when entering a poker cash game

I get it, you don’t want bumhunting or watching a table even though the players are anonymous but for the love of god, require new players to sit in. The number of o8 tables I enter only to find one player ratholing a 30bb stack that you immediately deal the new player into the BB is infuriating. Let the player decide if the table is for them if you’re removing every other aspect.

Can you clarify a bit more? Have played a few 08 tourneys, never seen what you described.

I watch tables all the time, to get a feel for a pool at a specific level. if I choose to follow a player, I select him in the list, and follow, or if they get knocked out, pick the next player to follow from that table, and do the same.

Since playing for a year or so, I am used to the anonymous thing, so I pick numbers over names. Only games you can’t rail are Zone games. You can sit and leave a poker table, keep open, pick and rail sit n gos, tourneys (oh yeah, can’t rail jackpot sng’s).

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You can’t watch tables in cash games. You can’t see how many seats are open, you click your game and table size, click next, pick your stake and hit take my seat with no clue if there is 1 person or 8 what stacks are in play etc.

More times than not during the day, the o8 cash games all have one player, who min bought for 30bb and you don’t have the option to sit out, you instapost the BB.

What happens when you stand up?

You leave.