Reschedule tourney tomorrow

Please reschedule tomorrows $535 $1mil tourney tomorrow if the login and cashout problems aren’t fixed by tomorrow. You could just reschedule it for 5/28/22 sunday or later. I know a couple people with missing money in their accounts. I couldn’t even login today and had major issues yesterday with even getting the client running (didn’t run at all for a couple hours).


Site is starting to crash now, this is definitely gonna become a big issue today. I can’t deposit.

You were right. The site is down as of right now

Same boat, I’m afraid to make a deposit. Maybe today a different site will get my action.

I deposited almost 2 hours ago with BTC and still waiting… I can barely login without the page reloading and acting strange. Definitely concerned about buying into a $535 when the whole site might just crash in the middle….

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2 hrs. Geeze, bitcoin should be 30 mins or less. Yea made my decision today. Made a deposit on a different site. Good Luck to you all

I guess I’m not going to be able to play the bitcoin freeroll that is set to start in 20 minutes???

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My deposit did finally go through but there’s another thread saying the software is down. Feels like a gamble to even buy in. Anyone playing successfully?

I tried to log back in using Google Chrome as the browser. After a few mins I was able to play the freeroll for a few mins because my stack was already being blinded out. If you are thinking of entering the Milly, just like in poker, I would wait for a better spot.

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Does anyone know if the 1 Million Tournament is going to be rescheduled? Im super nervous about entering now, with all the technical issues.