Reward Points stopped accruing

Puzzled. I have made a deposit for $599 a few days ago and I elected to take the 100% match deposit bonus. Before game play started I had about $5.00 worth of rewards. I played for a few hours or so and had my balance up to $2200.00. I also thought that was weird because I had not met my rollover yet but my rewards have roughly $31.00 now. I get on to play later in the day and went on a streak where it took every single penny consecutively without hitting a single free spins. However, I check my points again and realize that none had been accumulated since the $31.00. I did not think you earned points when a rollover is not met. I have noticed this a couple times now where it will give you points sometimes when you are still in a rollover but at times it wont. It also seems, the gameplay is entirely different when you are getting points versus when you are not. Can someone please explain how this can happen?

Reward points will always accumulate when playing with cash funds (either withdrawable or locked)

However, you won’t accumulate reward points when playing with bonus funds.

I’ve checked your account and all cash play did accumulate your points correctly

So if I deposit $500.00 and get $500.00 in deposit bonus. The first $500.00 total in spins I will get reward points and from then on, I will not accumulate any until rollover has been met?

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Yeah exactly. Only once rollover is met on the bonus and that bonus balance becomes cash would that start to accumulate rewards

And all you have to do is check the page that shows both balances. As long as there is a dollar amount on the “locked funds” balance, then for sure you are stylin.

Thanks. Last day playing with them. Moving on. Going to find someone else to donate 1-3k a week to.