Rewards Tournament Tickets

Why dol tickets expire so quickly? Why do they expire at all. Kind of bullshit really. Not to mention I couldnt even find a tournament taking a ticket. How far out do you have to enter? Ticket will expire before the game starts. It’s a stupid reward.

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Which tickets are you referring to?

You’ll be issued a ticket every week to participate in the freeroll event that’s held every Thursday at 9:05pm ET.

So if I clain the free ticket thing does that effect my cash balance? (Meaning a regular -No bonus- deposit?

Tournament tickets will not impact your balance

So, if I made a deposit (WITHOUT using a bonus) while that tourney “ticket” thing is still active or showing on my account (since I claimed it), would it effect (prevent) any potential winnings I may have made on the deposit from being able to cash out?
I’m sorry, I just want to be very thorough and ensure I am understood (and that I understand) this correctly because the whole bonus/promo stuff on online casinos have crazy sneaky rules/requirements (like their main purpose is to make sure you cant get paid out lol). I am new to this site -Ignition- so I am not talking about this site being sneaky with promo’s, I’m talking about previously used sites that had bonuses hurt me far more than they ever helped me (literally lost over $1,000 once over total BS on a bonus thing) so I am just very cautious now.

Are you referring to Weekly Ignition Rewards $2,500 Freeroll? If so, no it won’t effect it. You can learn more about this promotion here

Ok. Hey, can I validate my account before I have to make a withdrawal attempt? I just want it to be ready so that if I win I wont have to wait so long

If they need any verification, they will let you know. We won’t have any info beforehand.