RNG Certification

I would really like to see the RNG Certification for the poker client.

There is 100% something different between how things are this year versus about 2 years ago. There needs to be an audit done. If this is going to continue to be an anonymous client, there needs to be some transparency. It’s just TOO comical that it’s non-stop in the jackpot sit and go’s that people will put all their chips in with any random 2 cards and they’ll trip, boat, or straight up. This isn’t natural behavior when there’s 3 players involved, let alone 2 players.

I play jackpot sit and go’s on other sites and never have I seen such splashy behaviour, let alone seen it get rewarded so much.


Me 72 Opp Q5 - 557A4 conveniently allows them to double up.
Me A8 Opp Q4 - 4485J

These players play nothing until it’s heads up, then all of a sudden they just decide any 2 cards are worth raising, jamming, whatever. It just looks REALLY really shady when there isn’t any kind of thought put into what they do. I don’t see it this bad on any other site but this group of sites.

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I would honestly welcome anyone to do a trackable bankroll challenge with just jackpot sit and go’s, even if the bankroll was $100 and you were doing $0.50 jackpot sit and go’s, you’d be out of money. It’s impossible to beat the sus players in the long run.

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What’s your numbers for everything ? Ie; tourneys played , total buy ins, number of wins, etc? Idea for tracking everything sounds kinda fun, but even then 200x buy ins is still pretty small for a sample size to really gauge the outcomes and weigh them against theoretical outcomes in poker which takes MILLIONS of hands . If I had better internet (and ignition didn’t have constant server issues) I’d definitely try the $100 bankroll and run 4 .50 JSng’a at a time.

I havent ran a hud on ignition, or sister sites, but i’d probably say my complete gametime on ig and sister site is probably 60% mtt 40jpsng. Playing jpsng on the 3 letter site, even against possible bot players, they dont make near the amount of trash plays that they do here, nor do they on the windfalls on another competitor site.

I cant think of one day that ive played, much less dare i say one jpsng where i haven’t shaken my head wondering wtf is going on. This stuff is beyond just some random donk saying “oi i got $20 to burn, lets jam whatever because its anonymous anyway”.

Ive never seen it this bad… 3 years ago, i hardly ever said “what the hell are you doing?” Its constant.

While we understand it’s not at all fun to experience losses, winning or losing is really outside of our control. We ensure that the outcomes of our games remain unpredictable and fair through the use of a random number generator. You may even try a variety of other games to see if you find your lucky one, and we do hope your luck changes for the better. You can read more in our terms and here.

Might be outside of ignition’s main control, but not the software’s control the site group as a whole uses exclusively for the poker side of things. There’s something going behind the curtain, whether it’s RNG or it’s something else. The stuff that goes on these days make absolutely no sense.

I’ll even go one further, if Ignition is as confident in the RNG being truly random as they feel it is, and that there is absolutely nothing questionable going on that might be taking advantage of the fact that it’s anonymous tables… Apply $100 in bonus poker funds with standard rollover to my account so that there’s little to no possibility of me withdrawing any of it. If I can’t turn that $100 into just $500 playing only jackpot sit and go’s, I’ll give away $50 to 5 people in the forum when all the bonus cash is gone. I’ll start a separate thread, post starting and ending balance screenshots each day and I’ll hand track.

Any site it should be relatively doable to go from $100 to $500 with 200 buy-ins at the start. For some reason, it’s not possible here for whatever reason.

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That isn’t something we would be able to do unfortunately.

Nah, but ignition can pay an esports streamer to push #ad streams showcasing slots for ignition onto their viewerbase with ignition provided funds, pushing their viewerbase to sign up. :smile: Come on Davy, if people deeper down the line of ignition’s support structure than this forum felt confident that the amount of play showcased thru a small $100 jackpot sit and go bankroll challenge wouldn’t bring up anything questionable, they’d find a way to make it work and would welcome the outcome.

Something’s definitely changed over the last few years. And it only makes me wonder why the site group is strangleholding onto this software that still has deep level bugs that pre-date the table UI change.

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Yep, just another day of totally “normal” runouts and hands being played that get to suckout when they had no reason to be in the pot. I’m done.

Jackpot sit and go’s have never felt more fake.

Very true, it’s called steeling. Not close to a live game for sure, becoming horrible. Like playing against a player and a computer and no telling what else. Heads up, get turned on or Rivered on, every other hand. Joke

Still feel sorry for those who think this is a legit game. Might be possible to win a few tournaments, but there is definitely some algorithm going on with the RNG, it’s not just straight RNG.

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Done depositing here.

Me too! Made that decision yesterday. Played in the Bitcoin depositors free roll just now amd watch howany bots were playing for Igniton going all in from the start with 5 3 off suit and catching 2 pair on last card. Similar situation one hand later. I have pair of fours, flop a 3rd but Ignition Bot had a 7 3 off suit and caught another 7 on flop and 3rd 7 on the river. Oh he went all in too on his strong 7 3 off suit! Scam ! Dont give youre money to them.

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Bianca/ Moderaters, Just curious, are you even reading there comments? These are poker players that understand poker and would like to play a fair game of poker on this site, bc they whether play using there skills in poker, NOT LUCK. Been playing poker a long time and I/we know that certain hands, bad beats don’t come this often, constantly. I’m Sure you would like us to believe your innocent comment but I can assure you, this issue is over your head. A lot of us play this site bc we are unfortunate to have a real, honest online poker site in our state and that’s just one of the many reason that some are taking advantage of. But there’s a line for everyone and I believe ignition is crossing that line for a lot us. So hopefully ignition is really experiencing a loss on there end bc they really don’t know what cards to play. Bring back what the gamblers want, A fair game. Not this continuous bs from every part of ignition lately. Use to think Global poker was the biggest joke but hear lately, y’all giving them a run for the money. As I understand loosing and winning, maybe ignition’s should try a different method of winning, bringing in skilled management that truly understands. This is Becoming hilarious, Good luck though, lol