Rollover explained please

Hey there. Will someone please explain the rollover for me. Example: I assumed 35x rollover on a let’s say a $40 deposit would be $1,400 in bets in the slots. The percentage of rollover attained does not seem to jive with the amounts I have bet so far. Not complaining just wanting clarification on it. Thanx

Certain slots do not contribute to rollover, certain slots contribute LESS to rollover.

What the above reply said. Also it’s 35x your deposit and the bonus amount . So if you used 100% match on a $40 deposit it’d be 35x 80 so $2800 in rollover

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Ok the 35x 80 makes it look right then, I think LOL. Perhaps they could make that part a little clearer for slow folks like me. But I learned something today so it’s all good. :thinking:


That’d defeat the purpose of the casinos fine print lol. The whole industries built off it