Royal Flush Question

This is a very belated post but I was going through my Ignition Hands and Questions for the Year and when I put in for this bonus I was I was not eligible. I am not sure why? 3 Players were involved, I won the hand, and I had both hole cards… A friend of mine said even though it’s been awhile to post it in here. I don’t know what criteria I was missing?


P.S. I did notify support within 48 hours as well but they said you were not eligible and I just can’t find any justification why I was not, perhaps Support here on the Forums could elaborate?

The Royal flush bonus is given when playing Texas Hold’em cash game. As I can see from the screenshot it was a zone poker.

Indeed that is what I figured and the rules regarding the Royal Flush Bonus should be called Ring Cash Games Only. As technically Zone Poker is a form of Cash Game. 6 Ring Max, Zone Poker look identical.

They are close to each other, indeed, but they are not the same unfortunately.