Rucked me hard then hid the message`

Ignition software failed…I was all in but for 1.5bbs. I complained and Ignition took down the message. Of course ignition is too rucking stoooopid to read my post. The action buttons were not on the screen…I was all in x 2 other players…I had the nutz…then my screen suddenly didn’t have action buttons to bet…only the fold button appeared. I was timed out…lost 210 bbs.

Ignition is hiding my complaint by taking it off the board. rucking crooked site

Hi @terrydyer, we’ve made your post into a PM as there may be account-related information provided that can’t show public.

Nobody is hiding any complaint. It was made private for the exact reason that was stated on the message. This is normal practice when threads become account specific.


I have had a few posts made private. We usually get it solved there. You can be more vocal about your rucking in the PMs. :roll_eyes: