Run it twice option

Can Ignition support please add a run it twice option? Many of the other big poker sites have a run it twice options. It helps keep the recreational players playing more since they dont get stacked as often, they stay in the game longer meaning more rake, etc. Or you could just add a Equity Chop option (poker insurance) like on sites like Pokerstars, WPN, etc. These are all options that players can choose to opt out of like on the other sites if they dont want to use run it twice etc.

Ignition can even charge a 1% fee for the equity chop option, thats what sites like WPN do and it’s a pretty popular option. More rake for you guys, lowers variance for those who use it etc, everyone wins.


That would be Great if they added run it more than once options. Iggy is lagging behind their peers as far as poker features go. They can’t seem to get what they have working correctly.

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Run it twice?! I love your idea and your enthusiasm but they can’t even get the most basic poker functions to work correctly.


You hit the nail on the head there sir! Simple maintenance and break fixes seem to be more than they are able to handle.

Thank you for your feedback @TomBilyeu

This was escalated to the appropriate Department.

Seems pretty awesome !