Separate balances for Poker and Casino

All of the other casinos/poker sites I play on let their players separate their available balances, one that’s just for poker and one that’s just for the casino. I know it’s been brought up in the past, but it is getting really tiresum to constantly have to refresh my balance while playing at the casino because of some bonus funds that come out of that balance first!

I mean it just makes no sense to not have this already. It’s not like it a pioneering move in the industry! Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy that when you make a withdrawal request, the requested amount is deducted from your playable balance … FINALLY !!! Now lets get caught up to the compition and have seperate books for poker and betting/casino. Or are you dead set on not letting go of locking our entire deposit amount and forcing us to ‘walk through’ your casino hoping we lose more than we came in with?

@acepicklerick. Before Ignition we had Bovada and they use to do it this way, however it was changed. I believe it was changed due to popularity, believe it or not.

We used to have a “Poker Balance” and if you wanted to play in the Casino, you would move $$ from your poker balance into the Casino. Is this what you are talking about?


One of the other things that’s kind of annoying is the bonuses. I had a Btc bonus I was working on in the casino and then got a tell a friend bonus. The bitcoin bonus I was working on went to the back of the line and it auto started on the new bonus then.


That’s exactly it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gambled more than I had realized and decided to take a break, play some poker, and see my poker balance at 0.

Hi @acepicklerick,

Thank you for the feedback.

We understand how inadvertently dipping into a Casino Only Bonus while playing can be frustrating, especially when you then want to play Poker and the Bonus has not yet cleared rollover.

I think if there were two separate balances though, we would need to Lock a deposit completely in the Casino if it was used to accept a Casino Only Bonus, or some players would simply freeroll Casino Bonuses (move your deposit into a separate balance and only risk the bonus) or am I missing something here?

If rollover was still applied after a Bonus was lost then that is one thing, but not how it is currently set up.

@William I have my balances consolidated If I go to poker is the same balance if I play casino is the same balance Ignition got this covered but when BONUSES are active that’s another thing and your explanation covers it; that’s the only thing @acepicklerick needs to clarify

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Here is an example of what I’m referring to. This is from ACR’s second casion.

You can transfer and split your total balance freely from between poker and the casino. If Ignition did this I wouldn’t constantly piss away my poker balance when I take a deposit bonus.

When claiming a deposit bonus, your locked funds will still be usable for poker. It’s only the bonus funds that would be tied to Casino play.

Yes they remain available for poker, but as you play in the casino your available balance for poker goes down as you spend bonus funds. I know that’s how spending money works, I’m just saying if you give me a $20 bill let me break it into two $10 bills and put one in each of my pockets.

The locked bonus funds would have to stay in the casino wallet, but the remaining balance could be moved to a separate wallet for poker. It takes away from enjoying the casino to check the poker client and refresh my balance all the time to check it’s available balance and god forbid of I go overboad and gamble to much away without checking up on the other balance just to find that I only have bonus funds left and I wanted to play poker with any of the deposit I made.

I guess I can just keep doing what I’ve been doing as a workaround. I just register for tournaments with a buyin that I want to keep for poker and that aren’t starting for a while. Then when I’m done in the casino or whatever I just unregister. I use them like … wait for it … separate wallets.


I think a cashier between the Poker room and the casino would be a great addition if passable. …that way you could keep x amount in the poker room and x amount in the casino

@Jerm12, This was previously looked into, but unfortunately not something we’re likely to add right now and some details as to why are provided above.

But keep the feedback coming as it was still an interesting idea for sure!

I agree they used to do that on here i believe or maybe that was bovada but it is frustrating bc i play both as well and sometimes at the same time.