Shorten the timebank for MTT's

-timebank/standard time allowed per player per street seems way too long. There is much more stalling on ignition, it effects the flow of the tournament on the bubble and as it bursts. I think each player gets 30 seconds standard, and also a 90 second time bank. I think keeping the 90 second time bank is good, maybe even 60 seconds. But the standard 30 sec per action is way too long. I think 20 seconds would be appropriate. Recreationals and regulars want FAST action.


Thanks again for sharing your feedback.

In most tournaments, players will have a 90 second time-bank, unless it’s a hyper tournament which has a 60 second time-bank instead.

I can get where you’re coming from in terms of wanting to speed up the game. In fact, we recently implemented an update in July that means that our disconnection protection will only come into play when you’re in the money to help prevent any intentional stalling before the bubble.

Regarding the 30 seconds to act, I’ve gone ahead and tagged this topic as ‘Investigating’ while we look into the possibility of adjusting the time per action. I can’t guarantee that this is something that we can do as there’s a few factors that need to be taken into consideration.
However, I’ll certainly pass your suggestion onto the right people and once we’ve got an update, we’ll circle back and let you know.

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Apologizes for the delayed response @Nash2Cash

I’m just dropping in to let you know that while this isn’t on our roadmap to be implemented at the moment, I’ve gone ahead and moved it to the ‘On Hold’ sub-category.

If we receive further support for this, it’s definitely something we would be willing to consider in the future.

Agree with the OP that 30 seconds is way too long. If you have a 90 second time bank. I think 15-20 seconds is much more reasonable. At a minimum I think pre-flop should be shortened to 15-20 seconds but would love to see it for post flop too.

the amount of tanking in sit n gos and bubble play of mtts is torture. its way out of hand. 1.5 minutes is way too long esp when multable people are doing it which is so frequent. 15 seconds should be the intial time then 30 seconds bank. it will make the game way more enjoyable for everyone.

@theupsidedown I’ve gone ahead and merged your topic with this one as it’s relevant to the discussion here.

As I mentioned earlier on, we’re not currently working on this but any feedback will be taken into consideration.

I agree that 30 seconds per decision is far too long. I have been wishing for years that you guys would change initial decision time to 20 seconds. No other site on the planet gives 30 seconds per decision. Just imagine, a player can tank 30 seconds pre flop, flop, turn, and river. That’s 2 whole minutes of a level gone right there. They even have the potential to waste more than that if they so choose. Please make the change to 20 seconds.


I specifically wish the shot clock was shorter for turbo tournaments. Playing one right now (GSPO #23) and someone at my table is taking the entire 30s for nearly every decision. With 6 minute levels it can be a huge disadvantage to have this at your table.

This is already the case for the jackpot SNGs (shot clock is 15s).

With a 90s time bank, 15s shot clock is more than enough time for a turbo


When you get to the final few tables of a tournament there is a lot of stalling going on and with the initial 30 seconds to act, in addition to the 90 second time bank, it gets really boring and makes me not want to play tournaments anymore when Im only seeing 3-4 hands every 10 minutes. Having a chip leader stack get washed away by the blinds going up every couple hands because everyone is stalling isnt fun at all. 30 seconds to act in a turbo is way too much time and takes the fun out of playing a turbo. Ive noticed some turbos have only 15 seconds to act but not all. Please consider reducing the time to act to 12 or 15 seconds in all turbos and reducing the time bank to 60 seconds.


The tournament play is RUINED because of these timebanks, and late reg. It is such a shit show. Here are some simple fixes that are needed:

-Close late registration when the starting stack is 10 big blinds. Some of your tournaments have this exact structure, but the other ones that dont really ruin the gameplay. (tons of accounts reg in the last 30 seconds, and then go ahead and use their entire time bank and ruin the gameplay of the tournament for every singe person at their table, and all tables have them, so the whole tournmanet goes to shit)

-The standard timebank 20 seconds, and maybe give 20 more for extra time bank. Honestly with the MTT structures how they are no one needs more than 15 seconds to think. You guys already took all the thinking out of the MTT poker with the shitty strucutres the way there are.

I know you want to boost your prizepools but I guarantee you, 95% of your players would rather play a smaller prizepool with actual poker being played (opposed to the shitshow on these 6666,777,8888 events. It really isnt even poker anymore. Its taken on some other form of gambling.

these are off topic, but add in a 700/1400 level (and 7k/14k,70k/140k) taht 1200 to 1600 to 2k jumps are stack killers.

Get the hand history download thing fixed. I am certain there are some shady cheating going on, and I cant even look at the hand histories to police them ourselves.

The mtt experience has gone wayyy down hill recently. It really is sad. And this will get pushed to some forum and no one will give a shit. But I know the players would back every single one of these ideas.

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Hi Everyone!

Here with some good news that I know many of you have been asking for. Throughout the week we will be instituting the following change to all of our Regular Speed and Turbo Scheduled Tournaments, Multi Table Sit & Go and Sit & Go’s:

Standard ‘Time to Act’ in these tournaments will now be reduced to 20 seconds instead of 30. The 90 second tournament timebank will remain as is, but you will now only have 20 seconds to call, raise or fold on a standard turn.

Time to Act in Super Turbos, Hyper Turbos, Jackpot STTs and last chance qualifiers will remain at 15 seconds, and there will also be no change to the tournament time bank for these formats.

We have received quite a bit of feedback on this change from you here on the Forum, and want you to know that we take all your requests into serious consideration. Our Poker team is always looking to us for feedback, so they can make the game as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Please let us know what you think below as these changes are made during the week, and as always if you have any other feedback don’t be afraid to let us hear it!


I think this was a fair change and will speed up action a bit. Thanks for listening to the community feedback. I’m curious about the time bank and how often it gets refilled. Say a player uses their entire time bank, when do they get more time bank back? Do players get their used up time bank refilled a little every hand, every certain number of hands, every break, or how does that work?

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The timebank starts at 90 seconds at the beginning for standard tournaments, and 60 seconds for hyper tournaments.

Once your down to 15 seconds to act you are given the option to activate this timebank and it will automatically start when your time is at 0.

However, these allotted times are all that you have for the entirety of the tournament, and do not refill or restart at any point during play.

Also, we are moving this topic to ‘In Backlog’ until these changes have been put into place.

Hmmm ok. For some reason I thought players’ time bank refilled a little at some point, but I guess not. One 90 or 60 second time bank for an entire tournament does seem a little short. A player could have one really tough spot early on and use their time bank and have none the rest of the tourney. I wouldn’t mind players regaining a little time bank at each break even if it was only 10-20 seconds. I’m curious what other players think about this…

Unless this was also changed, you used to get 10 seconds back after each blind level increase,

Hi @DonkeyShow and @Steven

The new timebanks are for the whole tournament and do not replenish. However, we are still open to feedback and have noted your feedback on the ability of getting your timebank refilled.

Yeah, I really thought players regained a little timebank at some point. I like the reduction of the standard time to act going to 20 seconds, but with that change I do feel like the used time bank should get slowly refilled a little. Whether that is at each blind increase or at each break. I think that would be a fair trade off. Thoughts?

The recent change of the standard time to act in a tournament has been reduced to 20 seconds. Tournaments will also only give you one timebank for 60 or 90 seconds. I’ve been thinking that a fair trade off would be to have timebanks very slowly replenish. In long tournaments one 60-90 second non-replenishing timebank seems like it may not be enough, but I made this poll to get other people’s thoughts.

  • Timebanks should slowly get refilled, whether it be a a few seconds at each blind increase or at each break.
  • Players should get one 60-90 second timebank that does not replenish at all throughout an entire tournament.

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Hey I just logged on again today and noticed the change. This is amazing, the pace of play is so much better. Thanks you guys for listening, the site just improved 1000%.


Thanks for the feedback @trau_123!

Tournaments that were already scheduled in the lobby before the change was applied will still have the old structure, however in a week or so all applicable tournaments will be updated.

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