Show Running SnG I'm currently in

It would be great if there was a relaunch tournaments button or something that would relaunch SNG tournaments. If I’m in a sng tournament and for whatever reason the poker client closes/crashes, after logging back in the sng tournament lobby does not always relaunch and the sng is no longer showing up in the list of sng tournaments on the poker client lobby.

If there was an option to show a list of tournaments I’m currently in and launching them from there that would be a lot of help and would save me from having to resort to rejoining the tournament from another PC/Laptop or my mobile device.

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Hey @acepicklerick,

I’m sorry to hear about this happening. We’ll investigate the issue with the team and escalate the feedback and once we have an update we will let you know.

I agree with the OP that having a way to see and rejoin all MTTs and SNGs you are in would be helpful.

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Today I had that issue I registered for a jackpot sit and go tournament that wouldnt launch So I assumed it wouldn’t register me. Then the site went berserk and I had to clear my catch logout log back in and when I got to the Poker portion of the site it showed me in a tournament. That was a $60 jackpot sit and go tournament that I missed 5 to 10 hands in. Tried to talk to customer service and they blamed it on my Internet connection yet again and wouldn’t do anything but mark me

@Gbgirl1705 I’m sorry to hear about that. I’ll have a look and send you a PM when I have an update.

Thank you

This has been mentioned before but so that everyone is aware, if you are disconnected and you’re not brought back to the Sit & Go you are registered in, you will see a list of running tournaments you are currently in:



Yeah…I have a lot of issues with the jackpot sit n gos…sometimes they want to run smooth but it is usually when it actually hits for a higher amount it wants to freeze up