Simultaneous Breaks by time of day NOT tourney time

For the love of Dog, can we please get the breaks for ALL running tourneys at the SAME time? I just made 2 simultaneous FTs and the breaks were at different times so I had to take my laptop to the bathroom to even piss and never got a “real” break.

Just make the breaks at :55 past the hour, or :00 or :17… whatever you want, just have them occur at the same time in relation to the hour, across all running tourneys that have breaks.

I can’t believe this has never been implemented.


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Hi @SHU106,

We will have to verify this as we do understand how it can be frustrating. I do believe that it could happen as some tournaments even if ran the same time may be longer based on how the players approach the game.

I don’t understand what you are saying. Verify what?

" I do believe that it could happen… " WHAT could happen?

Not one word of this response makes ANY sense to me.

They already have synchronized breaks? They have for quite some time now.

Well, I can assure you mine were NOT synchronized.

I can assure you all MTTs already have the same breaks at :55 each hour. Are you playing sit and go’s or something also? Not sure how the breaks work there.

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Yes, it was a 27 SNG and the Hundredaire.

Why not synchronize them all just for the situation I described above?

I second this. SNG breaks need to be synced with each other and MTT’s. I can only play one because of this. I need my breaks!

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