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It’s poker made fast and simple it’s my favorite game mode to play its called Jackpot Sit and Go. I’ve been playing poker here for almost a year and there is something about Jakpot SIt and Go that I wanted to address. First time I played was at $0.50 (gotta start somewhere) and when all the players were seated the prize wheel started spinning and wait what the heck is that a jackpot? ohh no nevermind ha ha. I will admit it you got me, with my heart thumping and hands a little shakey I thought to myself good one Ignition. Now almost a year has gone by and I look at this prize wheel with resentment. Is it necessary to have that teaser feature? The joke probably works only one time on a first time player and thats about it. The prize wheel doesn’t actually pick the prize pool amount because while the wheel is spinning if you look closely you can already tell what the prize pool will be before it stops. This tells me that the prize pool is pre determined rendering the prize wheel pointless in my opinion. Any thoughts?

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Hi @bostonkid9096 welcome to the forum!
What you are seeing is basically visual entertainment. As you rightly said, the prize is already determined as soon as the programme starts for the wheel to spin, it is however a random jackpot which uses a random number generator to pick the prize.
This works in the same was as a slot game, as soon as you press spin the outcome is already determined, so any spinning reels or features that you see on screen are purely for fun.

I was more interested in hearing what players felt about it. You can call it visual entertainment or muppet babies on ice it doesn’t matter you’re speaking on behalf of ignition you have bias.


@bostonkid9096 Certainly any players can still weigh in on this and we encourage them to do so. We were merely providing some context to your post as essentially you are correct, but want to ensure other players are aware that this is intended to be entertainment.


Not going to lie the “muppet babies on ice” had me LOL


I agree it gets old lol I get the visual entertainment aspect but after you play 500 rounds it’s redundant

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It’s my favorite or it use to be

Here is my feedback…

  • the jackpot aspect bother me sonce I haven’t seen a big winner since I first started playing here on any of stakes for sng.

Has anyone else seen a jackpot winner the whole time we been playing on sng?

  • IGNITIONS IS LIKE WWF or WWR… SNg Is a VERSION of the real thing and it isn’t poker. It’s poker entertainment. If you gather hand histories of the last 10,000 games played you’ll find the that variance are in the the type of cards being deal along w flops. I compare it to setting a deck where the mark gets ACES and the plant gets weaker card but by the river they will be all in aces will get cracked. Difference there isn’t cheating w ignition however I believe that random numbers generated are random number That designed to give more face cards, broadways, suited connectors and pairs than an average game.

There should be two songs. One for real poker players and other for refs just wanna have fun and software should be different and market the differences however u want but 1 should be poker and other “poker entertainment”

  • The chance of completing a flush draw is 5-1. In ignition is 2:1. The chance of having AA is .05% and the chance of getting cracked is 1:5… here because more suited connectors and pairs are dealt, it becomes more like 2.2:5

Play 100 hands on sng and I guarantee betweeen the three playing you see 10 pocket pairs, straights, flush, quads, draws and one outters completed on ignition. Now deal yourself 3 handed and I promise you don’t see a quarter of that.

IMO there is a reason for that 1) is the democraphic ignition caters too. It’s the recreational player with money - Ig want him to win some games so he keeps having fun and playing #2 big cards = big pots and big pots = all ins and all ins equals quicker turn around and deposits - more deposits mote money

I love this site. But I speak my mind, cs has been amazing . My gifts are on point. But there is a reason why they can afford the best cs team and give the best gifts in the industry - it’s Bc the software isn’t regulated and money is coming out the wazooo (FROM ME AND YOU) DOUG POLK AND PHIL IVEY couldn’t BEAT ME 7 out of ten times in 3 way SNG AT IGNITION. Promise u that. And I’m average

Here’s my thing… before Ignition was the only game in town for us players. Now wsop poker stars are coming state by state and by far Ignition is site I love the best due to the people, cs team and the gifts (even though it’s my money set aside from my losses)

That time of being only game in town is over. Step upX get regulated. And I’ll call this home forever. So will many others Bc cvs counts for a lot.

I’m a $8-12k a month in deposit type of customer. And that’s just on Ignition. Anyone one can verify that here.

I put in $1500-$2000 last week and got $50bonus instead of normal points drop. Lol. Cs said something about loyalty lol if 1500-2000 isn’t loyalty then I don’t know what loyalty entails in casino/player relations. I took it as they were sending some bs message that I’m way too big to care about. For me, loyalty is being regulated and transparent so ur loyal to players spending money so that u know you have measures in place and they are losing money fairly. That’s loyalty. I have won (other casinos) and lost big money. I’ve never once complained. Even here I’m down 30k+ in 3 months and I never cared until I saw there’s software wasn’t regulated and the slots RTP IS NOT PUBLIC AND does not have min/max that is vital in any regulated casino.

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Hi @pokerroombully having checked your account I can see that you did in fact receive a points drop last week in addition to the bonus you are referring to as well as others and also poker tickets for your loyalty.
With regard to RTP transparency, this is something that we have mentioned several times, the issue we were faced with was that some providers simply don’t publish RTP and/or volatility figures.
That said, for a lot of our games you will will the RTP and on occasion the volatility by googling them.

Dave’s, points drop and bonuses are extra. I wasn’t complaining about that in sense since it’s not something owed to me although I’ve come to expect it Bc of the consistency.

Points drop you are referring to is the regular points drop as Bitcoin member, correct?

I normally get that and a another points drop and up until recently whatever I asked for. I’ve never had a problem being told no to or all they’re to whatever I asked I’ve truly appreciate that Bc at the end of the day it was my decision to bet and lose my money. And had I won Money I wouldn’t be giving ignition a gift and free tickets lol so it’s def appreciated.

I took the loyalty comment different than you did specially when the $50 is normally a points drop triple that amount. And my deposits are pretty normal for the week but DOUBLE from weeek before and received less of points drop. So I took loyalty comment as a “stop talking ish on forum about software” and “ stop spending ur money on other sites lol and you’ll get what u use to get” comment lol maybe I read it too deeply.

I receive poker tickets because I asked for it since they missed deadline for resolution plus I always ask for tickets (it’s the only time I win here lol) I never said u weren’t generous. And there was an error on panda game that We both know they couldn’t resolve it unless they are able to watch the game and not just by looking at the logs and cross check balances. I told them I saw my winning spin amount displayed on top of screen but I didn’t get credit on balance. How do you check that’s true unless you can see the game visually? That was a $22. I lost a $1500 that day and they kept wanting to pinpoint exact time it happened even though I made it clear it wasn’t about the one spin. I wanted someone to look at all my spins in case there were others BIGGER Wins that I missed that weren’t credited to my balance. If I give a specific time, and they check logs and my balance at that time all that will happens is that it will be ruled accurate and system is normal. Obviously if that’s all ur able to look at then they really couldn’t never help or solve my issue since they don’t have the capabilities or the clearance. Instead I just got played with and asked me for a specific time even though I already said I wasn’t sure and say specific amount of money which I didn’t want to give because I wanted them To look at my game play as a whole and find more since I don’t pay attention to slots Bc I play poker at the same time.

(Off topic/ here is a fun fact. Most innocent men are in death row Bc they were pressured to give a specific time of there whereabouts when they actually weren’t sure… consequences were they were made to look like liars and eventually sentenced to death partly because of that… ) back to topic

I saw the game do two errors. One where in middle of auto spin the game reloaded and I had 3 losing spins deduct from my account and get kicked off and when I came to in the lobby, I got the money back in my account so I lost nothing (glitz#2) and the other was when I won money but not credit to my account. It was $22.! The second rep wanted to give me back the $22!(seemed like it) but that’s wasn’t why I wanted to pursue it. I wanted them to check for more errors not just specific time but the whole game play and find maybe bigger wins. If there wasn’t then there wasn’t but because of errors I saw I wanted it checked. The whole time I played it, not just the specific time. And who knows it might help someone else out if more errors were found. That is all.


Thank you for your response and clarification @Davy

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Loved the off topic comment btw lol
Must remember to keep a diary of my whereabouts at all times from now on! :rofl:

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Yes that’s funny to us but there are a few right now in death row who gets excited when the catholic nuns who look like the cafeteria lady and old wrinkled nurse with the legs of a bus driver comes around Bc that’s the only women he’ll see for the month… so he has to save this moment to memory (for later when the lights close lol).

And here is why

::5 years before:::

Detective: What time were you at X location

Him: “Not sure”

Was it night or afternoon

Him: “Not sure”

Detective: if u want to get out of here u better give us a time

Him” Ok night time”

Detective: closer to 6 or 9

“Not sure but if I had to pick 8pm”

Detective. “Okay now put that in your statement that you were at X location at 8pm and you can go”

3 months later

Prosecutor: u said u were at X at 8 but we can prove u were at x at 4. This is a signed statement. What did u do for those 4 hours? The 4 hours where mrs.X was killed

Him: I TOLD Derectice I DIDNT KNOW

PROSECUTOR: u signed here that it was 8pm. Your going to jail forever. U liar! Have a good night

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To get back on topic…

Jackpot SNG name should be changed to 2/3 entry fee pay outs.

Nothing like playing for $100 and the prize is $200… $100 goes to the house. Who really wins here… the house.

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I’ve noticed in the Panda game that wins don’t always display in your balance until another action is taken. I usually just give it another spin and the balance updates, less the next spin wagered. I’ve also been able to update the balance from a previous win that didn’t automatically update, by adjusting my wager amount (no additional spin). Dodgy as hell but it’s at least something a player can manage on their own, assuming you’re aware and can use the methods I mentioned.

I wasn’t going to mention it. Thank You for saying that.

The $100 goes to the fund the games that pay higher than 2x, rake is standard pull from all buy ins. I will say this though, I cashed all my points in for 19 Jackpot tickets and played them all today, 18 of 19 were 2x prize pools, 1 was 5x, really on the wrong side of variance at best.

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Sure I know that. But since we don’t see many if any 5x + games, there’s a ton of money going to the house. I’m going to leave it as that.


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