Site crashed just now

Goto rewards. Switch from bonuses to offers.

looks like it crashed again just now

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Never knew that! Thank you

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Been playing for almost 2 years on here feel like a moron for not noticing that!

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Same old, same old. This is getting really frustrating.

Just got logged into lobby. But won’t let me join table I was in

Just noticed that the money I had on the cash game tables at the time I was kicked off the site is missing from my account. Wonderful.

How do I go about getting refunded from the $250 turbo tourney?

Hey everyone, we’re really sorry for the delayed update and we sincerely apologize for this intermittent issue and all the inconvenience it’s caused.

All of the tournaments that were affected were canceled as per our Tournament Cancellation Policy. In case you were affected in any other way financially, please send us a PM by clicking HERE and let us know so that we can take a further look in each case.

What kind of assurance can you give the players that we won’t see another crash this Sunday? This will obviously be a very high-volume day given the number of events occurring.

Given the almost daily crashes over the past week, I’m seriously considering sitting these out. I know others feel the same way.

@Matt @Nash

We know that Sunday is shaping up to busy day with the ongoing events, and we’re doing everything we can behind the scenes to ensure that there won’t be any further disruptions.

FYI I never recd a bonus for the site being down. Not sure if I’m entitled to claim one, but I’m a daily player here

I got cut off at least 5 -8 times during the last few days… and seriously thinking about quit playing your site and Sunday…

@RoyalFlush, We’ve sent a PM to your messages regarding this issue. Apologies for the delayed response and welcome to the Forum.

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Hey, thanks…maybe you should get a job with their customer service team! Lol…but yeah, I’m just mad that they wouldn’t give me my weekly boost bonus that I had made the qualifying deposit for but made an honest mistake by not selecting the bonus before doing it…and even though I’m a returning customer they refuse to do anything about it. Pretty sad when they know damn well that I will lose that bonus way before I even come close to being able to cash it out! Lol. Have a good day!

@Minklinks. LOL. Yeah I have done that before as well…I had already started using the funds so they wouldn’t attach the bonus. However, I did it again one day (Blonde) lol and I contacted customer service before I started using the funds and they were able to apply the bonus. I think it depends on if you have used the funds or not.

Yeah that’s what they say but they know damn well that they can credit me the bonus…but they want to trick people into having the funds and the bonus at the same time and have people play the casino first thinking that they are using the bonus when in fact they are using their real money and losing that and not the bonus! This site is shady as hell and still have never received my money back for a $20 buy in and a $7 buy in that I never even got to play a hand in because their site crashed. And it happened a few times playing blackjack as well. Still haven’t received my cash back from the other day either

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