Sitting out on short handed tables

Could you please do something to prevent people from sitting out when a table is not getting cards?

With the 4 table limit I’m perfectly comfortable playing heads up until a table builds, but when 3 of my tables have myself and 2 other people and both of them are sitting out it really prevents me from playing 4 tables.

Can you change the coding so that if a table is not being dealt cards it prevents people from sitting out? People can either post blinds or leave? This would prevent folks like myself from having 2-3 of our tables locked up by people sitting out. Also it would give you more rake :).

Once another player sits and we start getting cards these “sit outters” eventually miss enough blinds they get kicked off.

Thank you

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Hi @Jasonfish11, welcome to the forum and thank you for taking the time to post!

I’ve tagged this as ‘Investigating’ as we’re exploring options to address this now.

Hi @Jasonfish11

Just stopping by to let you know that our recent update should help address this issue.

Whenever a game is halted because of players sitting out, those inactive players are removed from the table after 10 seconds, and the active player will be brought to a new table.

We would appreciate any feedback on this, and let us know if this helps your specific issue.

So I’m going to take a look at this soon. I’m a little confused by what you say, but if it fixes the issue of 2-4 people sitting out and I’m willing to play heads up to grown a table. But them sitting out is locking up my ability to transfer to an active table.

If that problem gets solved then this is awesome. I’ll follow up after testing it out and seeing the results if it’s not exactly what I was thinking.

Either way thank you for attempting to fix this.

Thank you all so much. This is great not having 2-3 tables of no one wanting to play.

I think there are some strange situations that still allow people to sit out as I’ve had it happen once or twice, but I can’t figure out why.

Either way this is sooooo much better.

Thank you.

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Definitely glad to hear that you’re enjoying your poker experience more after the update! If you ever need anything else, feel free to post in the Forum or PM me.

while playing 6max cash tables i sat out on all tables on the next bb.

then i was sitting out then the table broke up and i was the last person left but i was sitting out.

and it moved me to a new table and auto posted blinds.

this has happened many times to me just first time i am posting it.

Hey @player1, I’ve moved your post here as it seems to relate to the update that we had introduced to prevent the halting of action.

Please also note that the auto-posting of a blind is expected as per this update here.

@Nash this is not the same topic.

my topic is we are down to 3 players.

i sit out and walk away to get a drink then i come back and i am at a whole new table and i posted the big blind after i pressed sit out on a different table.

it is a totally different topic

my topic is a bug this topic is just a request.