Slot Leaderboard Games

I know that I can’t be the only one who has participated in the leaderboard tournaments that occur every 10-20 minutes. Each tournament is played on a slot or blackjack and rotate to a different game after each one. The object of the tournament is to have the most points earned when the time limit expires. The scoring system is; 1 point/spin, 5 points/win, 10 points/big win and 25 points/mega win. The top 3 in points earn a cash bonus, usually paid out as $20-$15-$10

I have played in a few over the years and maybe have came close to getting in the top 3 maybe twice at most. However, what I have noticed is that the top 3 usually have double and sometimes triple the amount of spins as the rest of the 10-20 participants. I played in one today that was A Night with Cleo and lasted 15 minutes.

During the 15 minutes I played with turbo spin and low graphics on and never stopped clicking my mouse on spin and had the slot spinning non stop. I was able to spin it 128 times with 2 bonus games slowing it down. That is a 1 spin every 7.03 seconds. The winner had 553 spins which average to 1 spin every 1.5 seconds. 2nd place had 448 spins with an average of 1 spin every 2 seconds. 3rd place had 294 spins which average 3.06 seconds a spin. There is a difference of 259 spins between 1st and 3rd. The constant landslide in spins happening like this in these tournaments all the time I decided to do a little investigating.

I went back to the Cleo slot with a stopwatch and started timing spins and came to an average spin for a loss being around 2.16 seconds/spin. With that result it would give you around 416 spins for 15 minutes with them having to be all losses with no bonus games or wins occurring. In Cleo a spin that results in a win will always take a little longer as the animation/collection or gamble option takes time away. That means that 553 spins, which are all loses, would take someone 19.9 minutes. Let me remind you again that this is a 15 minute tournament.

So with these results I wanted to check other results and see if any other games seemed a little odd. There was another Cleo tournament earlier today that was only for 10 mins. With the top 3 having 165, 145 and 145 spins. 165 spins in 10 minutes is 3.63 spins a second and 145 spins being 4.13 seconds a spin. Using 2.16 for only losses again 10 minutes would be 277 spins.
If you use the 1st place average time from the previous tournament (1.5 seconds/spin) this tournament for 10 minutes they would have had 400 spins.

So how can someone win with only 165 spins and a difference of 2.13 seconds a spin. I have searched online to try and get an answer. I found a few different explanations and opinions. A couple of the results online I found were that some players play on computer and mobile at the same time being able to spin on each one and have them both contribute to their total spins. I also saw that these tournaments are ran together with sister sites like Bovado and you could have an account on both sites playing and adding spins together for the same tournament. I don’t really know about that opinion but I do know that playing on the computer and mobile option works 100%.

Other tournaments with wide suspicious results. Also, remember that the top 3 can slow down spinning once they have a lead. They don’t have to keep spinning constantly. Slowing down only helps the profit margin
The results listed in order of finish:

Instant Inferno (10 mins): 798-745-328-135-124-100-133
Instant Inferno (10 mins); 442-297-218-160-56-49 (why such a big gap in spins??)

777 deluxe (10 mins): 466-312-309-254-160-162-126
777 deluxe (10 mins): 302-303-150-113-118-121 (again big gaps with faster than average spin times)

These are just a few examples and I know I spent way too long looking into this but it really pisses me off to literally not have a chance winning these tournaments. $20 adds up over time and if someone could win 4-5 a day since the tournaments run almost all day, it would be a pretty good monthly profit.

I really don’t expect any changes from writing this up. I finally had to vent with this being something I have witnessed happening for years and makes me think if something this obvious is occurring on the site, what else could there be occurring on the site. In the end, I just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone else felt the same way or had any input they wished to share. My intent was never to throw shade at Ignition but only share my thoughts and hope for a change.


Hi @Degen1

We have had others ask the same in the past and we have looked into the difference and the lopsided numbers between 1st and 3rd for example.

In the end, we don’t prevent others from playing multiple sessions at the same time using more than one tab.

For example, if you start a Leaderboard and have 4 pages open with 777 Deluxe and risk a certain amount in each; you’ll be credited with 4 spins as opposed to the usual one. So if doing this; you can take your calculation you had for spins per minute and multiply it by 4 if going this route.

This strategy will increase your spin count but it will also involve risking more and we recommend that everyone plays within a level that they feel comfortable with.