Slot machine froze

Hello was using my free spins had 5 left then the slot machine froze said what this picture said I reload the game didn’t give my final spins and also kept the winnings from the other 20 spins I had five spins left snd already won some cash didn’t get it


It took me 10 min to spin my 25 free Cleo spins cause I got reload message … every spin!

We are aware of a current issue where some Casino games are giving a ‘A general error has occurred’ message and are actively working on it. We apologize and will have some news soon.

I open a casino and it spins down my balance… it freezes in the middle of my bonus spins, and doesn’t pay me… I want my balance reset to what I began the day with. If you got issues with your faulty site, you should have shut it down completely for a few hours…and the sad thing is you feel justified to make bonus rollovers more difficult, remove reward offers, etc. I just don’t get it!

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I was playing a night with cleo and I got 15 free spins with 3x multiplier and I had 9 or so spins left (already had winnings) and I got error and it said reload… I reloaded and all it did was spin non stop til I got another error… Now when i reload it starts as a new game and not restoring where it left off… also noticed losing money every spin oops error happened … figured it was just cleo… went to mystic elements hit free spins again and it wont restore where i left off… so much possible winnings here something has to b done here

its also not restoring games even in free spin bonus rounds

Why is everybody acting like the game freezes are new it happens everyyyytime I play I contacted support and they didn’t do anything at all ands I had zombie game with mostly wilds

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because its not restoring games… it was a pain. but i have lost betted spin money for no outcome and multiple games with winnings and free spins in limbo

Yea I’m still waiting for my $100 free spin bonus win on buffalo gold to reload…

I’ve had it happen so many times before during plays that won and never loaded back up or during the free spins or sometiems just spin get the error reload and missing a lot of funds due to it because the game never resumed where it got disconnected

Same here star d the day with $80 took me out in less than 30 minutes with all the freezing and network error prompts ridiculous

Can we please get an update if our wins from our bonus wins that froze are going to get credited to our accounts? It’s been awhile since a moderator has replied to this chat.

All spins should be credited. If any didn’t happen to complete you should be able to continue the spin by following these steps.

Logging out of all browsers and devices.
Logging back in and going back to the game you were playing on the same browser.
Attempt to make the same wager as the one that got stuck and create a duplicate tab of the game

If this doesn’t work, please send a PM to moderators with all the information you have such as the date and time of the spin, the game, and the value you were playing at and we’ll have a look

I tried your recommendations and it did not work. Roughly around 2 pm today (11/24), I was in the middle of a $2 bonus spin on Buffalo gold that just hit roughly a $75 win when it froze and never reloaded. The total win was just below $100 with I believe one spin remaining. I was never credited the money for the winnings, and my remaining free bonus spin never reloaded. I took a break after this disconnect to see if it would reload, then began playin again roughly 4-5 hours later. So it should be the last bonus spin I received prior to taking a 4 hour break. Please look into this. Thank you.

I’ll have a look and send you a PM

I think I should get a portion of this … because had I not lost all of my balance with the games timing out I’m sure I woulda hit this in real play tonight!