Sng lobby glitchy

i keep trying to register and it says unable to proccess. then sometimes it works and someitmes it doesnt and they arent filling. im assuming people are having problems which is why they arent running

+1… the same

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is poker down??..tables don’t open

I tried to register for the same tournament 5 times because it wouldn’t process. Now it’s showing me having registered 5 times and has withdrawn from my account for each one but I can’t unregister. How do I get my money back?

We are currently reviewing any issues with SNG’s

I tried to register in two SNG’s, the software gave me an “Unable to process…” message. I came back later and was charged for both of them, despite not being allowed to register. I took screen shots of the issue.

@jjlightning @Toga7579 I’ll have a look into these

SNG lobby is working again for me. I am missing a buy in that disappeared without a tournament running though.

edit. I may have spoken too soon

The jackpot sng’s are not working right now.

Been getting “unable to connect” in poker on mobile for several hours myself. Thanks.

Hello, I tried to join a poker tournament and it said unable to join. I tried to join a bunch of times and kept saying unable to join. I quit the app, restarted it and then all the tournaments that registered for started popping up. I tried to unregister for as many as I could and ended up playing WAY more tables at the same time than I wanted.

Could you please look into this?

Thank you

Hey guys, we apologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused, the issue was resolved late last night.

@josaba, I will take a look at your tournaments and reach out to you via PM shortly.

If anyone was impacted financially in any way by the issue, please send us a PM so that we can take a look.