Software Needs to be Updated to Comply with TDA Rule 16

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The current software does not follow TDA Rule 16. This rule involves an all in and a call with 2 or more players. TDA Rule 16 states…

“2019 TDA RULE #16: Face Up for All-Ins
All hands will be tabled without delay once a player is all-in and all betting action by all other players in the hand is complete. No player who is either all-in or has called all betting action may muck his or her hand without tabling. All hands in both the main and side pot(s) must be tabled and are live.”

Anyone who has played practically ANY live poker is aware of this rule.

Currently, the software allows the at-risk caller to muck his hand unseen if he loses. This is wrong. To be in compliance with live action rules per TDA Rule 16, the cards of all players who remain in the hand after the betting round where there is an all in and a call should be exposed when betting is complete, whether it occurs pre-flop or on a subsequent street.



HUH? When all players are all in (or have called the all in) all cards are shown. Period.

Never seen it not.

Don’t know where you dig this stuff up, but it is not applicable here. If I have AA, and called a pre shove (to keep another player in the hand), if we are not all in, then cards are not shown. Even the all in player with the shorter stack. If villain has KK and shoves post flop, and I call, then all hands are shown at that time (I have had this scenario come up a few times).

@SHU106 the rule you stated is correct and is what the software follows. Do have have any hand number that this wasn’t the case?

No, but the next time it happens I will write it down, because regardless of know-it-all’s opinion, it did happen.

It’s not always that easy to get hand histories since usually the client “can’t connect to the server”.

Thanks for checking in. Appreciated.


It just happened again, but when I looked at the HH it showed the cards as if they were exposed at showdown when they were not.

I know what I saw.

It seems to happen when the action is >2 players all in and the last to act player gets all in first and loses.

If we could save the hand replayer as a video at the time it happens it would be seen. As it is now, if you look at the HH the next day the cards are shown in the HH although they were not shown at the time it happened.

He is correct that this happens, the situation only happens when the all in occurs on the river. For example, action gets to river, player A goes all in, player B calls, player A tables winning hand, player B can muck. Traditionally you were able to get this information only by clicking the hand history button or searching the hand history through the search function, however for the last couple of months, 99% of the time it says “unable to connect to server” when you try to use this function.

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Any chance any hand numbers can be provided for us to review and forward off?

Sure, just happened in hand 4436042375


Nice job @jsmith84poker. :+1:

Say what? :ear:

He just didn’t understand what you meant in the post clearly. It’s only when the all in occurs on the river and the caller is beat

We’ll forward the details off.

That wasn’t my takeaway from it.

ETA: Here is another one. Hand #4439682225.

Why is this thread closed and still dismissed?

Just happened again. Still not fixed.