Sounds in poker

Could you please change the sounds around in the game? Or give the option to? The high pitched ding sound that is used for signaling when a new player has arrived to the table should instead replace the soft low pitched dong sound that currently signals when it is your turn to act. I’d really like to be able to hear when it’s my turn to act without having my speakers turned way up. I think this will stop some of the time outs as well…

Thanks for the suggestion @Pots-For-Sale, you’ve definitely made a good point about potential time-outs.

We’ll take a look into what we can do, and update this topic when there’s an update.


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Hey @Pots-For-Sale,

I just wanted to circle back on this and let you know that we’ve shared the feedback with our Poker team. We’ll put this on hold for now and re-visit at a later stage but in the meantime, if anyone else would like to share their opinion on this, please feel free to post below. :slight_smile: