Straddles or ante cash games?

I know the goal is to make ignition as close to live poker as possible (based on support emails I’ve seen).
Is it possible to add a straddle option?

What about ante games (cash games). Maybe there isn’t much demand.

Thank you,

Both are great suggestions, and I’ll send them over for feedback and update you as soon as I get a response.

In the future, it would be best to create a separate topic for another idea or suggestion so that other players will be able to find and join the discussion more easily.

It would be nice if you could straddle in cash games.

To be clear I’m just talking about UTG straddles.

Btn straddles actually make games tighter and worse because the people with incentive to call because of the odds they are getting (the blinds) are now acting first preflop. Which then disincentives them from playing.

As you mentioned originally, there isn’t really a demand for this from recreational players so it’s not something we’re currently looking to introduce.

Keep the suggestions coming though!