Suddenly Cannot Click On Tables

Each day I’ve played poker for many weeks now I have 1 to 3 hands that I suddenly cannot click on. I cannot even close the table. Some crash occurs. When I email Ignition they either tell me to clear my cache or say they already addressed my sent-in hand history. Sometimes I send them new ones though, hands that have not been addressed. If it helps, it’s NL cash games and has something to do with the bet sizing field. Today it was top set on the turn in a $2/5 game. Any suggestions guys? Thanks.

@bbqbowser, Welcome to the Forum.

Just to clarify, are you stating that the hands are freezing up or the actual table you are at? Are you being disconnected afterwards?

We would recommend following the steps listed here and here if using the poker client, and using Google Chrome and Clearing your cache and cookies if using the web browser or a mobile device.

You can also always PM us with any specific hands and we’ll take a look.

Hey Foster :slight_smile: Thanks for your response. The entire table freezes in a way that I cannot click nor type numbers into it. Ultimately I can only watch as my hand times out. It is a glitch in the bet sizing field that crashes the table. Also, top right I can click the X (and the minimize button) to leave the table but cannot click the prompt that says “are you sure you want to leave?”

I am not disconnected afterwards. The dead table remains though and I cannot replace it for probably 30 minutes. I cannot close it.

I have even tried to intentionally cause the crash as to know what to avoid but failed at doing so.

I do not use a browser to play. I have cleared cache and cookies from when I first had this problem many weeks ago though.

Ok I will to a hard reinstall like DonkeyShow recommends albeit I have done one before with nearly all of those steps. I’ll make sure to rename my new folder as you recommend.

Thanks again for taking my message. Let me know if you can think of anything else. Take care.

@bbqbowser, Let us know if the reinstall to a different folder helps. If not, and it happens again, would you be able to provide a screenshot below? We’ll then escalate this issue to our technical support team to see if they can provide any further instructions.

I will let you know. I’ll provide an SS for now anyway. Apologies for the crop I SS’d very quickly to show some friends.


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Hi still the same issue. Here’s another SS with it’s respective HH in text. Please do something this has been going on far too long.

Hand# 3926392721
TBL#21184463 $2.50/$5.00 NL - 9P
Start Date 2020-04-18 22:35:07
End Date 2020-04-18 22:37:5888SS

prior to this hand as requested i did do another clean reinstall.

In the last ten minutes 2 of my tables will lag which eventually lead to my hand being folded. Anyone else having this issue??

@Jeremy2, We’ve moved your post here as it seems to also relate to this issue. Can you confirm this is a similar issue you’re experiencing?

@bbqbowser we’ve also escalated this to the Poker Team and apologize for the delay with any updates, we will be providing them as soon as possible and our Poker Team is actively looking into it.

I play on my desktop thru the downloaded poker software & this has been happening to me as well. It started happening right after the latest update to the software. Only time I’ve experienced this issue before was when they were renovating Ignition poker a couple years ago. It’s driving me nuts! @Foster

@Ih1313, welcome to the Forum.

As discussed above we are currently looking into this and updates will be provided below as they arrive. In the meantime we do suggest the above troubleshooting steps as well as these tend to minimize errors.

Thank you glad to be here . I’ve done everything I can on my end as far as the troubleshooting list goes. Also FYI I was told by a customer service rep last night to try playing thru the browser and the tables are lagging there as well. Thanks for the quick reply I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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thank you @Foster. this has been going on since late Feb so you i’m sure you can understand my frustration.

can you provide me an update in a few days? thanks in advance.

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here’s a timed out flopped flush of mine just now. same issue and this time on a new computer purchased in an attempt to alleviate this issue. floppedflush

this issue might cost me four figures by the end of the month.

actually it’ll cost me more than that because i don’t want to play anymore after it happens.

i’m going to explain my issue again. i am inputting my bet size into a no limit hold em table bet size field and the entire table freezes. i cannot click on anything. i am unable to intentionally repeat the crash on another table to address the issue,

q3dd ss

another angle. i already cannot click by this point.

q3dd ss2

I’m really sorry to hear that @bbqbowser - our Poker team is investigating the issue and we’ll provide an update as soon as possible.

In the meantime, can you please provide us with your Operating System and a full screenshot of the table?

Windows 10 Home

I don’t have a full SS