Suggestions From One Lowly Player

I recently received an email from the Ignition Concierge requesting my input on enjoyment of Ignition, and any concerns I may have. As requested, I did reply with my thoughts, and never received a follow up beyond a bot email. This was disappointing because the original email read as if it were a legitimate point of contact for customer service matters. I am sharing my emailed suggestions below, in case they were lost in the stack. Note, I do not believe myself capable of providing casino business advice, these apply more to customer service and rewards.

1- More miles rewarded after consistent customer loyalty and consistent visits.
2- Along with the $10+$1 poker ticket for crypto deposits, it would be nice to see $5 tourney tickets.
3- The miles exchange for free spins don’t even come close to the cost of earning the miles vs the $0.20/40 free spin.
4- Free spins for crypto deposits being fixed to $0.40 per spin WITH a cap/limit to winnings isn’t cool. Remove the cap, or increase the per-spin wager. Most of the time, I get <$3.00 from those. Seems like it might as well not exist if the value isn’t higher.

I did edit the last one, because I realized it wasn’t worded well originally. Happy New Year, all!

Thank you for your feedback. If you responded to the email then it will have been read and the feedback noted.

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Rewards Feedback:

Create options to redeem Ignition Miles for Poker Cash Games!
Add MTT stats to the table display OR as a docked tab option
Add an option to disable / remove the sidebar of the poker table entirely.
Auto Top up
Add show in BBs option for stack size

  • I know this has been turned down before because it’s not something you think amateur poker players are interested. I disagree with this assessment. If your stack size is displayed in BBs it makes doing poker math much easier and way more straight forward.

At least add basic poker hotkeys like raise, call, and fold.
Seek out some quality UI/UX developers to design any future graphical updates.

These are just a few I can always rattle off the top of my head.