Table Froze when 4 Handed in Triple Up SNG

We were down to 4 players in a Triple Up SNG.

Suddenly I stare at 94 in the BB for about 15 mins while I can still see the sidebar clock continue to run.

It runs down the end of the level and sits at 00:00.

Nothing happened, no cards were dealt that I could see, My internet connection was good. I could come to this forum as well as anywhere else on the internet normally.

I looked at hand history and could see over a period of about 10 hands or so I was blinded out and the SNG ended.

I believe this should warrant a full refund. I have hand numbers if Matt or someone would be kind enough to help me.


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Had tables freeze a few times for me today too, a few important deep spots too. 2 or 3 of my 6 tables freeze. Have to close and open table for it to work again. Really sucks.

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100% that I play jackpot sit n go I get disconnected and all tournaments tables need to be close before reconnecting

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I believe this was handled by Customer Services.

Mine has not been handled by anyone.

How do I contact them?

Chat was a total waste of time.

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@SHU106 I will check for you what was the date/approximate time? Or do you have the tournament number?

Handled via PM

Thanks for straightening this out.

Very appreciated.

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same thing happens to me all the time. Im kinda glad to see that Im not the only one. Im really starting to think the whole thing is rigged. Im never this “unlucky”. I tried to complain one time and the customer service guy just kept saying I dont see any problem from our end. There is supose to be a connection protection but it doesnt always apply.

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as i was typing this i git a message saying it was editing ion another window??? wtf

@Rachaelmckinney , I hear you. FWIW, I wasn’t really “disconnected”. I could go to the lobby and move around in the software and my internet was obviously good.

I could even see the clock continue countdown even though no cards were dealt. I’m not sure what to call it.

My advice would be when it does happen, get to your hand history and take a screenshot and save it for later conversations.

@Rachaelmckinney if you can provide us a date and time and possibly the tournament number we would be happy to take a look for you. Message Moderators.

Hey Davy, im having the same issue. My incident occurred 2/25/2022 @ 11:12PM. I spent $20 to sit in the table, played about 4 hands I believe, then my game froze while my internet is 100% working. So I sent a message to Support twice last night, still no answer back and of course my $20 still missing. Please help, thank you!!

We’ll have a look and I’ll send you a PM

Happens to me too! I say 1 hand even should qualify for protection at the rate it occurs here! I always clear cookies/data/history play on chrome updated to the latest version of course and in incognito!! Still get told to do all that and it’s not there fault!! Oh yeah plus I’m on 5g!!!

No other sites have this problem in poker 1 hand changes everything and I notice it’s always when I get a killer hand I can make the first bet then “bam” frozen!! Not cool IGNITION, NOT COOL AT ALL!!


@Anmiac3796 I responded to your PM

Closing the table and then clicking “take my seat” in the tournament lobby is the thing to do in this situation. Not ideal, but you’ll miss maybe 1 hand.

So ridiculous. Just as annoying as the table not opening when a SNG fills.
No other site I’ve ever played at his this level of poor programming.

I agree paxuu is correct but regardless of doing that plus following there trouble shooting steps even though I play in incognito I still happen to have instances where Im froze out and 1 hand can make all the difference.

I see and appreciate your efforts I still feel like this is a matter that needs to be addressed and to do that it must be talked about which is why I’m continuing to post and comment thank you sincerely though I know it’s not your control to make this something to be fixed