Take My Seat Button Unavailable

Im still having issues with poker lobbies crashing the client. Tonight I was playing 4 tournaments and when I opened a lobby the software crashed. Its been like this for weeks. Tonight, though, when I logged back in all the TAKE MY SEAT buttons weren’t functioning properly.

I cant take my seat at any of my games. Ive been trying for a solid 15 minutes now. I was at a final table and got blinded out too.


I can open tables from tournaments Im not registered in though. What kind of scam is this???

I cant take my seat using ignitioncasino.eu either.

Still getting the pop ups
Software still crashing
Still maxing out my CPU

Total fking bullshit guys…

Sorry for freaking out but this has been going on for weeks and the software has been consistently bad for the better part of the last 12 months

I can completely understand where you’re coming from about this.

We’re currently investigating reports of the register, or take seat button not being visible, and I’ll pass on the screenshot you’ve provided to the relevant department.

I updated the topic regarding the error message as you should no longer encounter multiple pop-ups. Apart from the one shown in the screenshot, did more appear? If so, do reply here so that we can continue to investigate this.

Regarding the CPU usage, we’re currently reviewing reports of this over here, so it would certainly help us if you could share any more information there.

I will get 1 or 2 pop ups only but if I click OK and make them disappear they will just come back a few seconds later.

What the hell is actually going on, Sam? It is so damn strange that not only was the TAKE MY SEAT button not working, but I couldn’t even open the tables manually by double clicking the table number.
But I could open and view tables of tournaments I was not registered in.

Trying to open the tables using the website didnt work either.

I was locked out from my tournaments entirely. How does that make any sense? I would like you to answer that, @Sam It feels really scummy. If ANY other site had fully anonymous poker, I would stop playing on Ignition in a heartbeat. Ignition/Bovada/Bodog is HANDS DOWN the worst poker software out there.

I would also like a refund for all tournaments affected

I get that you’re frustrated about the situation but I can assure you that we’re investigating the matter.

The update that was released was to prevent multiple error messages from popping-up which was admittedly a nuisance.

I sent you a PM earlier about specific tournaments, but I’ll follow up and send you another PM shortly.

Thank you, Sam. I didn’t see the PMs earlier but I do now.

And yes, Im frustrated, to put it very mildly. What happened yesterday made no sense whatsoever. The software was functioning as it always has. I was locked out by the server, blocked from rejoining my tournaments. Seems very fishy

Of course, I understand. Although it’s something we were already looking into, your report is appreciated and will be used in the investigation.

I sent you a PM regarding a couple other tournaments that were affected in the last couple weeks

I was blinded out of my last 14 big blinds in my last event on Friday due to this garbage software. It took me over an hour to get logged back in by following all of the recommended procedures (uninstall/reinstall/clear cache/etc./etc./etc.) By the time I was able to get back into the software, I had finished the event with a $40 payout.

I contacted Ignition support and the conclusion on THEIR end was that the disconnection was considered a MINOR DISTURBANCE. LOL. Blinded out when I had a decent chance to win an event and collect around $2,000.

I hope this problem gets fixed soon. I am going to try running the software on GoogleChrome to see if that helps.

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