Technical difficulties

Is anyone else still being disconnected after every single game they play and takes a few minutes to log back in even after clearing their cache crap?


Yes me too. Often

Every JSNG I have to refresh my page on the first hand otherwise it lags. Often causes me to miss a hand

Hi @Cpinkus1990, if you could provide the tournament numbers we’ll look into them.

This happens to me for the past weeks.
It has grown very frustrating and is driving me to strongly consider going back to the competitor using the same platform. Between this and the poor customer service, it has made logging in and playing poker here undesirable.

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Hi @Nicolas,

This is the first time I’ve been able to get into forum since I made this post. Let me try and find them again please.

I’m not sure if this helps or not. I tried going through my hands. And go under transactions. But transactions doesn’t give me much info. But you can see the games on top of each other on that part.

I will check these for you now.

I have added tickets for 56150239 & 56150264, unfortunately I cannot add a ticket for 56150470 as only the first couple of hands were not played.

Okay, I wasn’t sure what was what since it’s been 3 days lol. Thanks Davy!

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That’s still a huge disadvantage. Especially given you only start with 15 BB

PLz help me I have been having trouble with this poker site for awhile its getting really really OLD… I keep getting log out or it get stuck on %59 loading then it never loads up and i end up losinng my money … I will give u the screenshots of the tounry plz help m,e i have been a loyal player for yrs but i am getting sick and tired of this tho… its not reliable… one pic is for the jackpot sng the other is the hyper turbo

I have credited you a ticket for 56392137 & a bonus for 56391941
Please be sure to clear cache and cookies before you play, I am seeing no issues with either game or with other players.

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Hello. I was playing some blackjack on the casino last night and went down a little bit of money. I deposited about 2.9k to play with and logged in to see if the money had went through yet and it started auto betting the money I had deposited and lost it all within 4-6 hands of no control. Please let me know if there is anything you guys can do about this.

This is an extremely large amount of money for me and it has me freaking out a little bit. Please let me know as soon as possible. Would be greatly appreciated, thank you

I am also being kicked out of my tournaments. I get back in occasionally, only to be kicked again? will I be refunded? Should I be attempting to play if I get reconnected? I have missed most of about 75 minutes. Tournaments 55546568 and 53367694. Thank you

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Same thing for me. Tourney #47870867 for me. It’s been really bad.

Thxs davy i got the ticket but I didnt get the bonus and i was disconnected again in about 4 tourny idk wats the problem face_vomiting: …