The regular tables tab needs a front screen like the Zone tab

There has been a discussion going on at another forum about how to get a healthy amount of Ignition regular tables started and continuing to run. Most people seem to agree that it is disorienting when you sit down at an empty regular table and are left wondering if there are even any games running. There might be several games going and you would never know. Do you stay? Do you leave? And the problem doesn’t stop there. There is an absurdly large percentage of time that a second person pops into the table, sees you sitting alone and that other person pops right back out. Regular games are not running at the rate they would run if players had more information about the total number of regular games running at each stake. I also have a sinking suspicion there are less higher stakes games going because of the lack of transparency about the number of players at each stake. For example, if a player sits down at their desired stake, ends up at an empty table and has no idea if there are even any tables running, then that player is likely to leave and try a lower stake. If that player had known there were 18 players playing on 3 tables, then they would have stayed at their desired stake and simply waited for a seat to become available.

More transparency is needed at the regular tables. And the solution already exists on Ignition. If you click the Zone tab in the poker client you are brought a screen that lists all the Zone stakes. But that Zone tables front screen also presents a lot of more information. The Zone front screen lists the stakes, number of players playing each stake, average pot size and players per flop. The regular tables tab needs a front screen similar to the Zone tables tab.

Hi @player814,

Thank you for your suggestion.

We will pass on your feedback to the appropriate Department.