Things must be getting tough for Ignition

Last few weeks the extra bonuses have basically come to a stop. I’ve been given maybe 2 and they were for$20 and $30. Smh. Before you could get a cash bonus just about every day as long as you deposited enough and used up your bonuses etc. AND the bonus would be $75-$175. Last few days I’ve put $2000 plus in and they won’t give me a cash bonus like they use to. It’s clear things have changed for the worst! They don’t care how long you’ve been a member and how much you spend. So much for lotalty Ignition!
Well this is the end for me, Ignition made me say F it with their cheap aes not showing me they care about the business I bring to them.
I wish I could get other ideas,but if I mention that in here my post will get deleted. They don’t want you to know about the competition. Who probably treats their memebrs with respect and loyalty. Who probably appreciates their members and isn’t sh
ty towards them! Take care ya’ll and catch you on the flip side!