Thursday $2500 freeroll

I started playing the tournament at 6:05 PM and at about 4:30 AM they cancelled the tournament I couldn’t believe it, it was just starting to speed up. Now I am waiting for a notification from someone because it was escalated to see what they are going to do. It was on, but it was just super slow and you had to reconnect, the blinds stayed at like 50/100 for several hours as well.


Dont worry. They credited everyone back their ticket with the exact same expiration date so both tickets will expire…

This is the 6th freeroll in the calendar year and a half has hasnt run. Nothing will be ‘compensated’. Youre fooling yourself.

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I take that back, they gave us 2 additional tickets, that expire in 2 weeks, for tournaments that we get tickets for weekly anyway. Unreal ignorance.


I get it that with everyone being afk it looked like a for sure decent money. You had to assume playing it would be a little iffy on the outcome and worth the hopes it would be a positive one. The clear signs it wouldn’t count, would be cancelled, etc. we’re all right there. The slowness which isn’t the correct word to use to describe the speed. The constant disconnects and refreshing. The forum posts from everyone affected stating it was not playing or unplayable. The blinds that never changed from what I saw for at least 7 hours. Plus, with it being Ignition the outcome was almost guaranteed not to be in the players favor.

Playing that freeroll with the appearance of what appeared to be a guaranteed money combined with all those issues and for that extremely crazy amount of time was definitely a bigger gamble than it’s worth. I get it that it sucks to end like that but you know you can’t really be to mad about it. It was definitely doomed from the start.

I played for awhile then just gave up after the irritation. I was afraid of what a regular MTT might be running like if the FreeRoll was stuck like this… Tickets?

The freeroll is a ADVERTISED perk. Benefit. Plus. Something to advertise to attract players.

It is promised.

Everyone who signed up SHOULD be comped REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER POINT MADE


Offering tickets to the freeroll is a slap in the face.

They know everyone affected by the freeroll already HAS freeroll tickets.

How anyone could argue for ignition is beyond me

Unless you like taking it in the rear.


I played all the way up until they cancelled as well. The majority of people sitting out was down to 500 chips on average and about to eliminate the majority of the field. How are you going to cancel something 11 hours later. Let the tournament ride out at that point. Absolute bs you give two tickets for a tournament I have qualified for every week for the last three damn years making those tickets worthless. If you’re going to cancel the tourney do it 2 hrs or less into the damn thing not 11 hrs later and me not sleeping thinking I would benefit for sure at that point. Ridiculous


Just another obvious showing that they dont need any of us.

Sure glad i tilt jammed and busted early

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Literally wasted hours trying to play. Was hoping it some point the issue would be fixed and it would continue as usual, bute nope.

Cracking up at the idea of 2 free tickets to tourneys we already have free tickets to that can’t be used on any other tourneys in any way shape or form.


Thought I would share my email to customer service and their response, so you can all have a good laugh.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for contacting Ignition Casino Customer Service.

We do hope this email finds you well and enjoying your day. We are always committed to assisting you every time you need it. Your time and business are very important to us.

Kevin, as you can read in the last email. for the situation we adding in your accoutn 2 Weekly Ignition Rewards $2,500 Freeroll tickets, Thanks so miuhc for your time and patiecne.

It’s our pleasure. Thank you for using our Email service. If you have any more doubts, please don’t hesitate to let us know. I wish you an amazing rest of the day and I hope that you and your loved ones stay safe out there. Have a great day!

We’re available to help 24/7 if you need anything else.


Ignition Casino Customer Service

– Original Mail –

Poker Inquiry
Poker Inquiry

Dear Sirs, RE: $2500 freeroll cancellation 14th April 2023 Firstly, I understand we are discussing a free poker tournament which is not something you must offer. However, when it is offered, I believe it should be honoured and that loyal clients that participate in this event should be treated respectfully. Sadly there has been no respect shown by Ignition to their clients, in fact I would say that they have been treated as fools and with complete disrespect. For 10 hours we were continually told by Ignition on-line chat and by Ignition forum moderators to be understanding and patient and that the problem was being looked into. A large number of people were just that, understanding and patient. Then after 10 hours of being patient, the tournament is cancelled without explanation. This problem was clear and apparent 15 minutes into the tournament and Ignition staff were made aware of this at the same time. Why does it take 10 hours to reach a decision. I will be kind and say this decision could have and should have been made after 2 hours, although I feel within the first hour would have been even more appropriate. Again sadly, this is not the first time this freeroll tournament has experienced this exact same problem, so Ignition staff should have known either the solution or the fact it could not be solved immediately due to past knowledge from experience. For many, we were committed to staying in and being patient, for example myself, who was in position 11 at the time of cancellation. But the BIGGEST INSULT comes the next day. A message saying how sorry you are and that as a thank you for my understanding and patience I have been given 2 weekly Ignition Rewards $2500 freeroll tickets. THIS IS JUST TREATING YOUR CLIENTS AS FOOLS. Firstly, The tickets are not in my rewards folder at time of sending this email. I am assuming they have already expired. Secondly, I AM DIAMOND LEVEL STATUS which means I automatically receive a ticket each week for this event. So therefor you have OFFERED ME NOTHING AS AN APOLOGY. Thirdly, these tickets normally have a 7 day expiry period, and you can only enter the tournament once, SO WHY SEND 2 TICKETS. I look forward to your response and hope that the above “apology gift” was just an oversight and something more usable and realistic will be offered. Can I suggest the 11th Place prize money as a bare minimum. If you feel that this is an acceptable way to treat a Diamond level status client, then maybe I need to reconsider where I spend my leisure time and money. Finally, you offered a $2500 prize pool. It was your decision to offer it. I suggest you should honour this commitment to your clients. Regards Kevin

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The actions taken by ignition casino throughout the last year clearly shows they could care less about any long term and or loyal player. In fact it’s almost as if they are trying to push us out the door. Getting a non deposit bonus has become impossible over the last year no matter how much money you feed them. Bitcoin rewards have changed. No cash back. Gameplay complaints on the forum are higher than ever. It’s clear that ignition is only concerned about how much revenue they can bring in at this moment with no concerns of the future. It’s gotten so bad that I almost feel as if they are doing everything possible to get me to leave but my dumbass keeps taking more and more abuse. Playing 10 hrs and not sleeping a minute the other night is just another example. How the hell do you cancel a tournament 10 hrs in and just before the majority of the field was about to be eliminated. I would love to know what took 10 hours to cancel the tournament. What specifically happened in that 10th hour that caused you guys to finally cancel the tournament. You apparently didn’t feel the need to do so from start up to hour 10 so what was it.

I have never seen more dissatisfaction with a brand until lately with these sites. They might as well hire dylan whatever as their spokesperson. They do not care about any of our business. And the faster we the slighted players leave the faster they can rebuild their clientele with fresh naive blood. I assume that only a failing brand would treat customers this way. Im guessing they know that their time is almost up for whatever reason.

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You would think that an online casino would value an image of legitimacy more than anything, because new gamblers look for that more than anything. I can’t believe that they decided to be sketchy assholes to save $2,500. You want to make things just “close” to right, send everyone who registered a $1 to show you’re not just pocketing the money. But no, 2 useless tickets.

Pretty bad look Ignition.


@BlizzardWizzard instead of doing the most to save that 2500, they coulda made back that entire amount and then some from me alone had they not ducked around and taken all the bonuses away


I guess its like a April fools joke, when this is a serious security risk for their site.

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I received the same email. We get those tickets every week for free anyway? How is that compensation? They must think we are really ignorant or stupid

Well, are they wrong? We’re still here for some reason.