Thursday night free roll payouts…

Has anyone played these tourneys and have placed? This will be my first time playing on Ignition and I’m looking at the starting chip stack sizing…. Wtf… 1500 starting stack and 6 min level intervals??? :flushed::flushed::flushed: Uh… also wtf with the payouts? I’m just finding it pretty confusing to understand… If someone could please shed some light on this particular tourney, I’d greatly appreciate it. But to me, this sounds like a crap shoot and waste of time… what are everyone else’s thoughts on it?

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Hi @Sumtingwong

So is the confusion based on the payout structure? The actual payout values are more/easily defined once the tournament and the number of entries is confirmed.

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Every time I’ve played it we’ve been at the 2001 to 3000 entry tier, so 700 places are paid.

It’s free equity. You decide if it’s worth your time.

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You need to make the final table and usually at least top 5 for it not to be a waste of time. Best played in junction with another tournament that pays something substantial.

:tiger: :ab: Winning :money_mouth_face:

I’ve won 3, and FT’d about 12… You have literally nothing invested, and when that is the case, most people play ways they wouldn’t normally play. Take more unconventional lines, or try different styles. It’s literally free money for 3-5 hours of your time if you place.

I was new to Texas Holdem when I started on here. I play on Thursday and Sundays to learn and if I win some money while learning then it’s a bonus.

Hey has anyone else every been in hand and got a flush and lost to a pair or something else less than a flush then when you went and looked at hand history the suits of the cards were different than what showed up in the game?

You were likely shorter stacked. As far as the card suitings, you probably just misread the cards. It’s not hard to do if you don’t have 4 color cards on.

You know I know this is a possibility I’m not perfect but this time was different I was fully aware and yea I was short stack I know why it ended when it said I lost but i am firm bout the cards I was seeing just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before I requested to have the game footage replayed to check my eye not the summary the actually recording of the game play

I’ll turn the 4 colors on though thanks for the tip on that