Toggle between $ and BBs in MTTs and SNGs

I think it would be very useful to be able to click on your $ amount and have it toggle the entire table from $s to BBs. Toggle again and you are back to $.

As it gets later in tourneys and SNGs I find BBs much more useful information than $. This would negate having to do the math in your head for everyone at the table.

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totally agree. other sites do it

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Yep, if you don’t have it you are behind the curve.

Should be very easy to add.

This would be nice.

We’re going to re-escalate this to see if we can get an actual response on whether this will be implemented.

Just FYI we have actually received some word back from the Poker Team regarding this after re-escalation and it is something that we have on the roadmap for 2022. We can’t guarantee an exact timeframe yet, but there are plans for this to be implemented this year. We’ve moved the topic over to ‘In Backlog’ as it’s not a rush item, but will be looked at.

Nice. Thanks.

I don’t guess your programmer has gotten to this yet?

I understand because it might take all of 45 mins max.

It hasn’t been updated just yet but we will certainly reply on the thread once we have a specific date.