Tournament #58856600 - PLO $100+9

I am a regular player in this tournament. This tournament has always been a 9 max. For some reason today, it ran as a 6 max. Nothing in the tournament description or tournament structure states it’s a 6 max. I rarely play in 6
Max tournaments and no longer be a regular in it if has changed to a 6 max. Can you confirm if this tournament has been changed to 6 max or it ran as a 6 max by mistake? Thanks

We will try to get some clarity on this for you.

Just circling back to this.
This should be 9 handed, it has now been re-configured so there should be no issues moving forward.

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Thanks for the clarification and help Davy. Have a great day buddy!!!

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Tourney #58858171 $22 10K guar. supposed to be 6 handed but it’s been 9 handed for several days now.
Also nightly $82 thousandaire turned to a regular freezeout past several days too, should check on that.
Also about this PLO structure, it supposed to have no antes, not sure why you guys added it. It messed up the preflop raising. In live PLO tourneys, if there are antes, the antes are not counted as the pot until after the flop. Most likely software wouldn’t be able to do that so would be lovely if you guys just removed antes for PLO.

I didn’t play today, but it seems like all 3 of these changes were made, even the PLO structure. Somebody out there is finally listening! Okay I’m gonna push my luck and make another suggestion, all of the 7777 8888 9999 tourneys should start at 100 200 blinds, nobody wants to play the irrelevent levels of 10 20 with 77,777 chips. And that’s why a lot of the time the minimum requirement of 6 people is not met, a lot of us rather play something else while waiting for those blind levels to go up a couple hours later.

Nevermind, look at todays $22 10k Guar. 6 handed, it is playing 9 handed. Ignore everything I said before.