Tournament Satellites

It would be nice to have a listing of all announced satellites for a scheduled tournament. When you select a tournament you intend to register for, you get description of the Tourney Info, Tourney Memo, Betting Structure, Breaks, etc.; I think you should also be given a listing of available satellites in a hyperlink format (add another description option titled “Tourney Satellites”). It’s currently very tedious to search for a tourney satellite; you must click on all the 60+6, 50+5, 75+7, etc. to find the right one. It would be cool to just select the main tourney I want to play, be provided a listing of available satellites on the description page, click on the preferred satellite hyperlink, and be taken right to the registration for that satellite. I really hate searching through days of announced tournament satellites to find the one I want to register for.

@itwillbebrief After clicking on ‘Satellites’ for the tournament type; you should also be able to filter limits, and if they are announced or registering, etc.

All tournaments do also have a very unique color to them in the lobby;

Red for MonsterStack, Green for monthly millys and so on.

Does that help?

Or were you asking for more of a structure as the Gumball tournaments listed here, where you can find all the details about that one tournament?