Tournament Ticket Expiration Question

I have a $535 Monthly Milly Ticket which expires on Nov 18th. However, I just used that ticket to register for the Monthly Milly which runs on Nov 21st.

Will my registration to this tournament (Nov 21) be terminated at the expiration date of the ticket(Nov 18)? Or is the ticket expiration date (Nov 18) just the date by which I must use the ticket to register to a Monthly Millie?

@Fate13 Let us double check for you

As long as you are registered for the tournament before it expires, you are ok. But if you unregister after the expiration date then the ticket is lost.

Thank you for your speedy reply. Are 100% sure that this is how tournament tickets work?

I ask because if the way it works is that I get automatically unregistered from the tournament at the ticket expiration date then that means I’ll have to find a way to participate in the Oct 17th Monthly Milly instead of the one that I actually have time for (Nov 21st Monthly Milly).

I just don’t want to lose my $535 ticket?

You will not be automatically unregistered.

Yes, were 100% sure that is how it works. So long as the ticket is used to register for a tournament prior to it expiring (even if the tournament is past the expiry date) then the ticket will be fine.

Thank you so much.